Play Dates

A thing that is fraught with pitfalls. Especially for me – a non-standard parent of a very non-standard child.

It may be difficult to believe, but I dread public gatherings. I am not good at small talk. I have odd hobbies. I fear judgement. And I hardly ever open up to people now.

So, all that being said, yesterday I had a full 1:1 meeting with #1 Son’s therapist; and one of the things that came out of this meeting is that he struggles socially with his peers.

And oh dear lord did that sound familiar 😫😞

And I was gently, yet firmly, advised that I have to know “when to push, and when to pull”. Translation: Set up some goddamn play dates woman

But that isn’t easy, precisely because he is struggling with his peers.

We had set up an initial Skype date with his former friend from school for last Sunday, but at the last minute the poor thing got camera shy.

To give her credit, she both broke her leg and their family dog was put down over Easter, so she’s been through one heck of a lot for a 5/6 year old.

So I started to consider options. Which is tough when I barely know any of the kids in his class, and he’s not exactly the best at communicating about them as is.

But, while we were doing homework, he did this:

Now, as an aside, can I just say look at how well his writing is going!!!!

But he not only drew the “snow hills”, he also drew a specific class mate helping him up the hill.


He also went to her birthday party – it was the one at the drama house that, uh, did not go well for him. But never mind, as I result of that I knew I had her mom’s email address.

So I sent an email asking if, since Spring Break is next week, whether said friend would like to come for a play date.

She wanted to!!!!

Side note: I am currently waiting on my appointment for #1 Son’s Parent:Teacher Conference. You have to walk through After School Club to get there. I was stopped by a little girl asking me by name. She asked if she was coming to our house!!!! She seems happy to!!!


So, next Saturday I will be hosting my first ever school play date.

May God have mercy on my soul πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

I just hope that I myself don’t scare anyone off!!!

The therapist also said that he has a beautiful singing voice. Apparently he has perfect pitch! So that is something to consider.

She also stated very firmly that although home schooling “might be tempting” she very definitely believed he was not a candidate for it. He needs the structure and socialising of school.

Since I have no clue how one might go about it, and have no desire to undertake such a mammoth task of significance, school it is!!!

I will update regarding the Parent:Teacher conference soon.

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5 thoughts on “Play Dates”

  1. Would he enjoy singing in a choir? I must say each time I read your posts about #1 son I am so happy for you that you ended up with such a supportive school/group of carers. I am also very impressed by how you are handling his differences, with exactly the right mix of intervention and detachment. #1 son is very lucky to have you as his mother!

  2. That poor, poor little girl! She broke her leg AND lost her dog over Easter! No wonder she did not feel like skyping!

    Crowd phobia is extremely common. Why do you think I was so relieved your farewell party was taking place while we were in Canada???? When I am under very severe stress I blurt out totally inappropriate things, and the millisecond after I have said them I wish the earth would swallow me. I love sharing a meal with a few people but I absolutely abominate parties.

    I hope that play date goes really well. The little girl is very outgoing, very brave if she approached you at school, and very keen to visit your house, so all the omens are favourable. Please take lots of photos, especially if you get them to cook their own supper.

    That therapist is obviously a smart cookie, you are lucky Nathan ended up with her. Could you ask her what is the recommended maximum weekly screen time for a 5/6 year old? I would be most interested to hear the opinion of an expert.

    Yesterday I had my yearly eye test. The optician said that my eyelids are now drooping (which I was aware of), that it will get worse and worse, and that in due course I shall walk with my nose up in the air so that I can see, and that I will get backache as a result. Chris, who sees the same optician, says I should not believe a word of what he says and I should ask a doctor’s opinion about it. I must try and remember next time I see a doctor.


    1. Doctor second opinion is always good.

      The therapist is of the opinion that 30-60 min is enough BUT also accepts that a kid with ADHD isn’t going to adhere to that ruling.

      She’s happy that he has a good routine, does things like drawing, and has a good early bedtime.

    1. It seems to be accepted. The school ran some extra tests, and his therapist talks about it as a done deal.

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