I’m back. No clever titles today

2020 has sucked. Totally sucked. I’ve started and deleted so many posts and haven’t had the strength to continue.

It’s August. It’s Back To School time. And I’m not planning. I’m waiting to see if the school supplied that I pre-ordered (and paid for) to be sent to school will be returned to me or if I have to buy more.

There should have been “then and now” versions of these:

#1 Son should be smashing Third Grade in person in less baggy clothes
I ought to be both celebrating and terrified that this is my last year at home with TT before Kindergarten

Couple this with the article that Facebook news just shared with me (and that I cannot seem to share) that over 74,000 infections have occurred within children across the country (USA) in the last two weeks since certain states continued the stupid plan of reopening everything because it’s all fine?

Literal footage of the American politicians right now

This, this right here, is why I am NOT sending #1 Son back to in person schooling before there is a safe vaccine.

I abhor every policy – both school AND employer – that is forcing both teachers AND parents to do what we KNOW is unsafe and LETHAL in the pursuit of the mighty dollar/pound/rouble.

This virus doesn’t care about the economy.

This virus doesn’t care about the education of our children. This virus just “wants” to survive.

To do this it will continue to spread and kill.

Stop this madness now. Help teachers educate REMOTELY. Allow working parents (especially mothers because I’m sorry but facts is facts – this most often falls to us) to spend enough time away from their “desks” to help their kids learn.

None of us went into Parenthood expecting a global pandemic and we have been LET DOWN.

The government have proved – time and time again – that they don’t care about their people at an individual level. On BOTH sides of the Atlantic. If we had locked down TRULY at the start of this for 2-4 weeks back in MARCH we would have contained this. Look at New Zealand if you don’t believe me.

Therefore, while I have you here. USA friends – VOTE.

Vote like your lives depend on it. Because they DO. If the Orange One gets a second term? America is fucked. No ifs ands or buts.

It’s not even about Republican versus Democrat any more. I’m no more enthused about the choice there than a lot of us (I wanted Warren) BUT I truly believe that Trump will kill us all to stay out of prison. I don’t want to die. I don’t want my husband, kids or friends to die either.

So. Keep your kids out of in person school if you can and VOTE.

If you don’t vote. Trump wins. Every single vote counts.

And UK friends? Keep strong. We will get through this. But REMEMBER. Remember Boris and how he defended Cummings rather than the people. How he stood in an EMPTY school and declared it “safe”.

How the pubs and restaurants are worth protecting but masks in schools is too hot button to make mandatory.

They don’t care about us as people. We are numbers on a page and we are expendable. The great God Economy is worth more than Grandma. We needed leadership in this crisis. We didn’t get it. It’s going to get worse.

Stay safe. Demand change. VOTE.

And remember: