Let me tell you about my day

I finally managed to get my retest for the COVIDs today after trying for three days straight.

We arrived at 12:45, the testing centre didn’t even open until 14:00, but if we had arrived even five minutes later? We wouldn’t have gotten in!!!

I would be a lot less salty if I wasn’t convinced that the majority of those people waiting ahead of us in the queue weren’t trying for last-ditch tests to allow them to leave the state for Christmas trips.

We were then waiting in the car, all of us, for four hours! The kids did really well overall. I did have to pull #1 Son out of school early to do it, which annoys me, but there’s only 2.5 days in total this week, so it could be worse.

Unfortunately, that time in the car really did a number on the hus-creature’s back. It took him over 10 minutes to get out of the car into the house when we got back. It was serious enough that when I caught him trying to bring in some of the packages that had been delivered in our absence? He got the full on Mom Voice.

To the extent that #1 Son asked me:

Mom? What did dad do to get that?

Now we wait. I’m in the unenviable position of wishing for a positive test so that there is an end date to the first part of this nightmare.

  • Hus-creature – December 21st
  • #1 Son – December 25th
  • TT – December 27th

In theory my dates match with #1 Son’s, but without the confirmation of the positive test, I’m merely what they consider a “presumed positive” which is complicated and irritating.

The cat was not impressed with how long we were gone – and we are fairly sure she has contracted it too so she’s not overly impressed with us anyway.

But we snuggled down for a cuddle which is unusual, as the hus-creature is her preferred human.

And to top it off? Tonight is December 21st, the Winter Solstice, the shortest night of the year. There is also a Great Conjunction.

Because of course there is a Great Conjunction in 2020.

And that’s #1 Son positive

Positive for COVID.

He’s eight.


I hate everyone and everything that conspired towards this.

TT is starting to show some symptoms and I’ve been showing some of them since Tuesday/Wednesday.

We can’t be certain until we get our results, but according to the school nurse who is acting as our liaison, positives take longer to return than negatives.

The hus-creature can come out of isolation if we have more infestation in the main house so I’ll/he’ll confirm that tomorrow and he can come back and join us. Which is good because I’m getting more tired by the day and could do with the rest without worrying about the kiddos being completely unsupervised.

In slightly nicer news #1 Son had a snow day today, but obviously I can’t let them play outside in it.

So please, please wear the goddamn fucking masks dear audience. Because this sucks.

Well this sucks

It fucking sucks.

Donkey balls at that.

Because yesterday. December 13th 2020?

The hus-creature tested positive for COVID-19.

Yep. It’s here. It’s in the house. Yes he’s isolated – thank the gods for a basement granny flat with our old bed in it. His symptoms are, at the moment comparatively mild.

He isolates for 10 days then, as long as the symptoms are gone? He can rejoin the rest of us.

As for us? Well, we are under quarantine for 14 days. Today being Day 1. Unless anyone else shows symptoms – which resets the 14-day clock. Also at that point said hus-creature may as well come out of the bloody basement because the kiddos can’t be left unsupervised.

So now begins the over analysis of every little cough, snort or sneeze. Couple with daily temperature checks. Which tell us nothing because while with us the hus-creature’s temperature was normal.

The kids are handling this like troopers. Thank all the gods we were already remote schooling, and TT can do dance by Zoom but I’m angry.

Don’t get me wrong, I was devastated all day yesterday when we got the news but now? ANGRY.

Sheer She-Hulk levels of rage. I hate every single fucker who did not and will not wear a mask. I’m way beyond my usual benign levels of cursing. I want them all to know what we are going through.

I wish no-one death. I wish no-one hospitalised. But I want them to know this fear. I want them to know this worry.

Because it’s their fault. Every. Single. Anti-mask. Fucker. Caused. This.

And I hate them. I loathe and despise them.

But I still want their families spared.

Wear the fucking masks people. It’s not hard and you could spare someone pain, fear and anguish.

T’is the season to be jolly

🎵🎶Fa la la la la🎶🎵

Etc etc. Truth to tell dearest audience I am not actually feeling all that festive. Quelle surprise!

However, it is Advent and calendars abound. This year we played it safe and just got the kiddos Reeses ones.

Ye cannae go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate after all.

But I decided to think outside the box a bit for myself and the hus-creature.

Now, obviously I got myself a yarn advent calendar. I’ve done that for the last three years. However due to Brexit and COVID shenanigans my usual supplier was unable to make one.

So I have branched out and purchased one from The Dye Shack – yes they are based in the UK. I have zero problems paying the extra shipping fees. I’m all about helping small businesses generally.

But I like having an edible one too. So, I purchased a Breakfast blends tea one God myself, and a hot chocolate one for the hus-creature from Yawn Brew

Now, I don’t like “fancy tea” as a rule, so I didn’t buy one last year because they were only doing Christmas tea blends and bleh. So when I saw this one I got really excited. However they have still snuck in a couple of Earl Grey and green tea blends so I’m sceptical of those claims.

However, there’s twelve separate blends, each enough for two cups, and each spread over the 24 days.

So. I’ve decided to put together – in a separate and ongoing post – a review of each blend.

I only decided this today, three days in, but as they are duplicated and it’s not Day 12 we should be fine 🤣😂