T’is the season to be jolly

🎵🎶Fa la la la la🎶🎵

Etc etc. Truth to tell dearest audience I am not actually feeling all that festive. Quelle surprise!

However, it is Advent and calendars abound. This year we played it safe and just got the kiddos Reeses ones.

Ye cannae go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate after all.

But I decided to think outside the box a bit for myself and the hus-creature.

Now, obviously I got myself a yarn advent calendar. I’ve done that for the last three years. However due to Brexit and COVID shenanigans my usual supplier was unable to make one.

So I have branched out and purchased one from The Dye Shack – yes they are based in the UK. I have zero problems paying the extra shipping fees. I’m all about helping small businesses generally.

But I like having an edible one too. So, I purchased a Breakfast blends tea one God myself, and a hot chocolate one for the hus-creature from Yawn Brew

Now, I don’t like “fancy tea” as a rule, so I didn’t buy one last year because they were only doing Christmas tea blends and bleh. So when I saw this one I got really excited. However they have still snuck in a couple of Earl Grey and green tea blends so I’m sceptical of those claims.

However, there’s twelve separate blends, each enough for two cups, and each spread over the 24 days.

So. I’ve decided to put together – in a separate and ongoing post – a review of each blend.

I only decided this today, three days in, but as they are duplicated and it’s not Day 12 we should be fine 🤣😂

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave