My new PC

I play video games. Not as many as I once did – I have children – and I also have my fibre arts which take up time, but I do still love a good gaming session.

(My sniping skills may be a leetle rusty I admit)

My beloved PC, which was pretty top of the range when we built her, is now over 6 years old – constructed in June 2011.

And she is therefore, sadly, getting on a bit. I haven’t been able to obtain Mass Effect: Andromeda because she can’t run it.

Do not misunderstand, she’s still a pretty darn fine PC, but she is no longer in her prime, and once a gaming machine can no longer run newly released games, it’s time to consider a replacement.

With BREXIT and the corresponding drop in the value of the £ the hus-creature did not wish to look at replacing her until we were moved and settled.

Well my friends today is that day!!!!


Over the last few weeks, boxes of varying sizes and shapes have been arriving, as the hus-creature finds decent deals for things.

(Yes I had input do not worry, I just tend to bow to his expertise here).

So tonight is PC building, pizza and cocktails night.

(There may also be the final episode of GoT)

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻

Gentlemen and ladies, start your engines:

The case is unboxed. Yes she’s red. She’s gorgeous. And yes, she’s another mini ATX.

I now have water cooling!!! Yeah Baby!!!

A virgin motherboard muhaha 😈 Hard drives are so last season, Solid State Drives are the current “must have” dahlinks:

A terabyte’s worth to be precise:
r. RAM. Ewe. Now for the processor, PULL THE LEVER: (Actually push it) The motherboard, she is complete:
Now safely installed: All cabling now attached: All that remains is

  • Graphics Card
  • Attaching the cooler (kind of integral to the whole water cooling system)
  • Power supply

While I was ordering pizza the hus-creature finished all of the above:

She is now installed next to her predecessor, as I will be dual-PCing it for a short while to ensure that everything is copied from one to the other.

Living the dream I am I am, living the dream I am.

She needs a network name and sadly as my former PC is Lady Raincorn

And my laptop is Gunter (no not that bloody pig dammit)


All the good names from our current naming scheme are taken. And apparently there won’t be a new naming scheme for a while. I’m pushing for a Game of Thrones inspired one. I might even allow Sansa/Melisandre rather than Arya/Danaerys for my new baby, since she is red after all… Sadly, there are a few technical glitches at the moment which mean I cannot yet share my new shiny in all her glory.
Stay tuned folks.