Just turned off my alarms

The Tiny Tyrant usually wakes up before 07:00 anyway. 
But still, it feels weird. 
Tomorrow is the true start of SAHM-dom. and I am more than a little apprehensive. 
But, I got a great send off: 

Drank far too many Bellinis, and sobbed all over my lovely boss. Who I will miss a lot. 
In fact, I’m going to miss everyone. 
This is the start of a new chapter and I’m going to embrace it wholeheartedly, and hopefully people will stay in touch. 
I haven’t been brave enough to open my card yet…. 

And then there was one

One day left. 
I have to admit, it doesn’t feel quite how I expected it to. I’ve been there so long, it’s part of my identity, now that is changing in a fundamental way. 
It’s going to be amazing, and I’ll have opportunities to watch the kidlets grow, but I’m apprehensive. 

I had confirmation that my childcare vouchers had been cancelled, and we received Tiny’s last UK nursery invoice (less than £60 to pay after voucher deductions) so again, more solid proof. 
I have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and still no leaving speech…

3 days left in employment

Half a week left as a working parent.  Blimey. I’m sure I will be able to do lots of excellent things with my free time.  Just think of all the crocheting/knitting I’ll have time to do…

Things that we have achieved since the last update (not necessarily in any order of importance):

  • Plane tickets are now booked – we have a block of four seats (window-aisle, window-aisle) so each child has their own seat and can be caged in by a parent.  No immediate neighbors to annoy.  We are close to the toilets (where there are diaper-changing facilities) which is vital for both feral small people.
  • House sale has stalled a bit – don’t pay peanuts for conveyancers – total monkeys and no organ grinders!
  • All outgrown baby things (apart from a few genuinely sentimental items) are now in new homes.  Feels great to have the space back and to pay generosity forward.
  • I have frogged at least one WIP that was distressing me and thus have one less unfinished project on the guilt pile.
  • Started saying proper goodbyes – tears are definitely being shed.  Not so good for my mental state but a necessary evil.
  • Going-Away-Party plans are progressing.

There are other things, but mostly on the small pile.  Oh and I can’t look at dogs to adopt because I’m not in the USA yet… boo

One month to go

I’ve started saying goodbye to friends and am planning my leaving speech (whilst still praying for a miracle to get me out of it!)

Some of the wonderful and crazy people I will miss:

I’ve cancelled some subscriptions, working on the TV licence – the swines don’t make it easy!

I’ve also signed up for some home schooling resources for a year for both children to try and provide some stability for them.

11 days of gainful employment left to go…

Getting (more) things done

This is a gradual process, but wheels are definitely moving again.  Things that we have done since the last update:

  • Sold the car.  There is a non-weathered, car shaped gap in front of our house!
  • Emptied out the attic.  Our recycling bin is full.
  • Withdrawn the Tiny Tyrant from nursery, her last day is Friday 14th July!
  • Organised catering for the going away bash.
  • We have our temporary accommodation confirmed!

This last point is the most important – so many ‘next steps’ have hinged on needing an address in Massachusetts.  And we have one now!

And it’s a stone’s throw away from the hus-creature’s office so that will be a smoother transition for him since it’s been over seven years since he began working from home.

So we can have our flights booked, the movers have a preliminary address for the air crate, though the sea crate needs to be sent to where we have a lease signed.

This is a very welcome development.

It is so looooooonely 😂

5 weeks til take off

Which means three weeks left in gainful employment for me.

This is a hard thing to get my head around.  Still so much left to do.  And I’m leaving at basically the worst possible time ever for my current boss.

(Sorry Chris!)

We still don’t actually know where we’ll be living for those first few weeks but hey, who needs a roof over their heads right?

Not going to speculate much on politics directly here, but the current storm in Blighty makes me feel a bit less reticent to up sticks.

#1 Son was talking about how ‘I can’t wait to go to America’ today.  Not sure if that is because:

  1. He gets his own room back
  2. Proximity to beach
  3. Prospect of actual snow (which for a five year old is amazing)

Or all of the above.  Another meeting with the school on Monday.  Not looking forward to that.  Roll on July 15.


Is sometimes complicated. 

I’ve said before that I thought that Kindergarten would be good for #1 Son – repeating Reception as he’s struggled. 

Well today proved it. A very bad day today. I’m still terrified of the backlash from the move but am more convinced than ever that it’s the right thing. 

To my audience at home: Never have children 

Well I’ve done it

I’ve set up the blog I’ve been muttering about.

With about 5.5 weeks left to go, I shall be endeavouring to catalogue our journey from U.K. to USA and everything in between and going forward.

Things so far achieved:

  • Visas
  • House sale – pending completion
  • Car sale – pending completion
  • #1 Son withdrawn from school and final day sorted
  • Handed in notice at work

There is still a lot to do.  But as I am recovering from dental work, I think I shall head back to crocheting and post again later.