5 weeks til take off

Which means three weeks left in gainful employment for me.

This is a hard thing to get my head around.  Still so much left to do.  And I’m leaving at basically the worst possible time ever for my current boss.

(Sorry Chris!)

We still don’t actually know where we’ll be living for those first few weeks but hey, who needs a roof over their heads right?

Not going to speculate much on politics directly here, but the current storm in Blighty makes me feel a bit less reticent to up sticks.

#1 Son was talking about how ‘I can’t wait to go to America’ today.  Not sure if that is because:

  1. He gets his own room back
  2. Proximity to beach
  3. Prospect of actual snow (which for a five year old is amazing)

Or all of the above.  Another meeting with the school on Monday.  Not looking forward to that.  Roll on July 15.

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