Getting (more) things done

This is a gradual process, but wheels are definitely moving again.  Things that we have done since the last update:

  • Sold the car.  There is a non-weathered, car shaped gap in front of our house!
  • Emptied out the attic.  Our recycling bin is full.
  • Withdrawn the Tiny Tyrant from nursery, her last day is Friday 14th July!
  • Organised catering for the going away bash.
  • We have our temporary accommodation confirmed!

This last point is the most important – so many ‘next steps’ have hinged on needing an address in Massachusetts.  And we have one now!

And it’s a stone’s throw away from the hus-creature’s office so that will be a smoother transition for him since it’s been over seven years since he began working from home.

So we can have our flights booked, the movers have a preliminary address for the air crate, though the sea crate needs to be sent to where we have a lease signed.

This is a very welcome development.

It is so looooooonely 😂

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave