3 days left in employment

Half a week left as a working parent.  Blimey. I’m sure I will be able to do lots of excellent things with my free time.  Just think of all the crocheting/knitting I’ll have time to do…

Things that we have achieved since the last update (not necessarily in any order of importance):

  • Plane tickets are now booked – we have a block of four seats (window-aisle, window-aisle) so each child has their own seat and can be caged in by a parent.  No immediate neighbors to annoy.  We are close to the toilets (where there are diaper-changing facilities) which is vital for both feral small people.
  • House sale has stalled a bit – don’t pay peanuts for conveyancers – total monkeys and no organ grinders!
  • All outgrown baby things (apart from a few genuinely sentimental items) are now in new homes.  Feels great to have the space back and to pay generosity forward.
  • I have frogged at least one WIP that was distressing me and thus have one less unfinished project on the guilt pile.
  • Started saying proper goodbyes – tears are definitely being shed.  Not so good for my mental state but a necessary evil.
  • Going-Away-Party plans are progressing.

There are other things, but mostly on the small pile.  Oh and I can’t look at dogs to adopt because I’m not in the USA yet… boo

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave