T’is the season to be jolly

🎵🎶Fa la la la la🎶🎵

Etc etc. Truth to tell dearest audience I am not actually feeling all that festive. Quelle surprise!

However, it is Advent and calendars abound. This year we played it safe and just got the kiddos Reeses ones.

Ye cannae go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate after all.

But I decided to think outside the box a bit for myself and the hus-creature.

Now, obviously I got myself a yarn advent calendar. I’ve done that for the last three years. However due to Brexit and COVID shenanigans my usual supplier was unable to make one.

So I have branched out and purchased one from The Dye Shack – yes they are based in the UK. I have zero problems paying the extra shipping fees. I’m all about helping small businesses generally.

But I like having an edible one too. So, I purchased a Breakfast blends tea one God myself, and a hot chocolate one for the hus-creature from Yawn Brew

Now, I don’t like “fancy tea” as a rule, so I didn’t buy one last year because they were only doing Christmas tea blends and bleh. So when I saw this one I got really excited. However they have still snuck in a couple of Earl Grey and green tea blends so I’m sceptical of those claims.

However, there’s twelve separate blends, each enough for two cups, and each spread over the 24 days.

So. I’ve decided to put together – in a separate and ongoing post – a review of each blend.

I only decided this today, three days in, but as they are duplicated and it’s not Day 12 we should be fine 🤣😂


OK on the face of it, today’s election result is amazing!!

Trump is no longer president of the USA from 21 January 2021.

Do you know something dear audience? I was today years old when I found out:

Donald Trump humped the American flag.

Allow me to repeat that.

He. Humped. The. American. Flag.

Apparently this was to demonstrate his love of America.

Nah dude – you demonstrated you were and are willing to fuck America. And he did. And he will until January 2021.

We aren’t out of the woods yet people

But, we are on the way. If we can pull together. But today’s speeches from the President-Elect and the Vice President-Elect don’t yet inspire full confidence.

Democrats have a tendency to “extend the hand of friendship” to the Republicans.


No amount of “hug a Nazi” crap will make up for what has been happening here. We had literal Hilter 2.0 in the White House.

The GOP has demonstrated that they will do anything to take away rights that we are confident won’t be:

  • Right to abortion
  • Right to vote
  • Right to live
  • Right to love who we want – LGBTQ+

Yes, we need to come together. Yes we need to heal. But we cannot, must not, forget this. We cannot rug sweep the last four years.

They are our shame and we must learn from it.

We cannot just sit back and sigh with relief. The fight continues.

For Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For John Lewis. I would like it very much if at the next election if it’s not a choice between: Old White Dude 1 and Old White Dude 2.

Ok. This needs to change.

But for now. I leave you with the first new Biden meme:

Witty and Insightful Title Goes Here

I’m too stressed to think of one.

I’m tired. I’m sick to my core.

I’m scared.

Within 24 hours we will have a reasonable idea of what the next 4 years will look like.

The final outcome may take a while.

But whatever the final outcome? There’s going to be civil unrest. There’s going to be rioting.

The virus is still burning through the USA unchecked. Massachussetts is going into semi-lockdown from Friday.

I guess the panic buying will start again from tonight/tomorrow

It’s curfew with limited movement. No email yet about dance class cancellations.

#1 Son has no school tomorrow and a half day on Wednesday, so he’s a little happier.

He also learned a valuable lesson today about searching for images on the Internet

No, not that lesson – he’s still a little young for that – and I’m certain that sort of thing will have been blocked by school – and #1 Son isn’t tech savvy enough to handle that…

His Social Studies asynchronous work this week is obviously about voting and democracy.

He had to choose his own pick a candidate for President in 2020

He chose Joe Biden. Independently, by himself, after a level of research – yet another set of skills he is learning.

I was (and am) so proud.

However, then used the school approved Google image search for “President 2020” as he needed to create a poster for his chosen candidate.

Upon checking his poster I…. Erased the selected photograph of Mike Pence and the one of Trump’s inaugural white house visit (I think, not too sure but either way NO.)

I then showed him that he needed to search for Joe Biden by name and we selected different images.

He was very confused as to how he got pictures like that for an event that hadn’t yet happened.

Whoo boy is that a whole other conversation 🤬🥺🤬🥺

Stay safe right now dear audience and, for the love of everything holy.


Halloween 2020

So. Yeah. As previously discussed, 2020 has pretty much sucked donkey balls.

Suck it with the censorship Facebook 🤬🤬🤬

And the one thing my kiddos really look forward to is Halloween. And, this year? No. Just no.

We could go Trick or Treating, Melrose hasn’t banned it

Which I personally consider batshit but even Salem only cut back rather than completely stopped things…

But that just seems like asking for trouble. We’ve managed to stay safe this far, to the best of our knowledge, so no on ToT.

However we kept Halloween traditional up to a point.

Today we have:

Watched Spooky Movies

  1. Paranorman
  2. The Witches (1990 with Anjelica Hutson not 2020 with Anne Hathaway)
  3. Kiki’s Delivery Service

We thought we had done quite well on TT (as she is a huge Goth – even at age 4!) and has already watched, and loved so many scary films.

No, seriously, Labyrinth and Goosebumps 2 are her current best things ever

But at bedtime she fell asleep then woke up scared of zombies and Bad witches. Damn. Well, it’s a good thing we put The Addams Family off I reckon.

Eaten Holiday Food

Mealtimes were fluid and we just kept food flowing in a mixture of:

  1. Hot Dogs
  2. Popcorn
  3. Smores

As you can see, TT demanded an apple around 4pm so that was good 😂🤣

Worn our costumes

Well the kiddos did at least.

I did mention my daughter was a massive Goth yes? We therefore let her “borrow” some of my makeup:

She felt that purple glittery lipstick and black glittery eyeshadow finished off her “spooky bat” outfit rather well. She was happy, so I didn’t disagree god love her 💜💜💜

  • We have left a bowl of candy out on the front porch, and the kiddos carved pumpkins last weekend.
  • Here is #1 Son drawing his own design:

    Here is TT’s initial design and through to completion:

    And here they both are in pride of place on the front stoop:

    They are still there! I’m genuinely shocked that neither squirrels nor trash pandas have nabbed or destroyed them!

    So, 2020 hasn’t taken everything from us. And we are still here and happy.

    TT has declared that

    This is the best Halloween ever

    So I’ll take that. Right now? I’ll take that.

    Screaming into the void

    That’s what I’m doing right now. Only figuratively at least – to do so literally would risk:

    • Scaring and distracting the kids.
    • Annoying/scaring the neighbors.
    • Terrifying the cat.
    • Perturbing the hus-creature

    None of which options seem like a particularly smart plan.

    Especially annoying the neighbors – since we moved (in May this year) we have some truly wonderful people next door who were:

    • Pleased to see us move in.
    • Made us welcome to the street – on the very day we got the keys in fact.
    • Seem to love the kids – they have a fair number of grandkids so as and when there’s no more goddamn plague maybe there can be some block party type socialization.
    • Have recommended local workmen – one of their grandsons actually cuts our grass every two weeks.
    • Offer advice to us, in a non pushy manner, about things we need to consider/bear in mind when dealing with a 120+ year old home in America.

    No, honestly, as weird as it sounds, we’ve never had to deal with an old house and it’s ‘quirks’ before. Our flat in the U.K. was built in 2006. I”ve lived through some of it growing up, but I’ve never owned it.

    I’m usually pretty gosh-darned good at putting a brave face on things, it’s something of a specialty of mine. But not today. Not right now. Right now I am this close to doing my Lady Macbeth act again.

    We are so close to an election that could break the world into tiny pieces. An election that will materially affect my family and I cannot vote in it.

    Normally I can put a brave face on it, and remind myself that part is (hopefully) only temporary, but as it gets closer I can feel my anxiety spiking. There’s so much unknown and no one really thought The Orange One would win 2016 did they?

    And 2020 is a whole damn mood on its own.

    Today however is a stupidly busy day which probably isn’t helping. Today entails:

    1. Plumbing work – to try and repair major drain issues that mean that we cannot, at the moment flush toilet paper – and haven’t been able to for months – don’t ask. They have to cut a hole in a wall that we didn’t want to use, so that’s another thing to add to the money pit list because it’s in a room that will get a lot of traffic eventually. And the water is switched off so we can’t flush toilets or wash hands (thank the GODS for my hand sanitizers stash)
    2. New freezer being delivered – on the same day as plumbing work. No this was not part of the original plan. But from next week I can finally batch cook and freeze meals for some form of future planning.
    3. It’s snowing. First bloody snow of the season.
    4. It’s bin day and also garden waste collection and the bottom came out of one of the garden waste bags, and the bins aren’t yet collected and did I mention the imminent freezer delivery?

    #1 Son also has his second 2:1 violin lesson in less than an hour, which means his concentration for the rest of the day will be shot and after lunch they are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes which means he will be making Pikachu noises all afternoon.

    Which will almost certainly mean another email from his teacher about lack of paying attention etcetera

    I’m tired. So tired. It’s bone deep at this point.

    On being “Mom”



    Whatever title has been bestowed upon you by your marvellous and beloved offspring? The job is hard. It’s fucking gruelling – and there’s often no respite.

    I don’t know if you might have noticed dear audience, but there’s a freaking pandemic going on out there. And it’s taking so much from us. And the burden of children and child-rearing is, as ever falling on us maternal-type units.

    Disclaimer: I am bloody lucky in my hus-creature and I love him muchly. He has been awesome in this shitty ass time.

    And there’s no answer to it. I’m not going to write about generals. There are a LOT of articles out there at the moment which are saying it so much more eloquently than I feel I can:

    Parenting is a job – in a pandemic it’s impossible

    Death of the Working Mother

    Both of these articles resonate with me so hard. In the first case?

    I’m exhausted. I’m touched out.

    Seriously – it’s worse than when they were newborns and I didn’t think that was possible quite frankly!

    TT is a wreck. She’s always been the most social one of the four of us and lock down and social distancing have destroyed her.

    She gets one dance class a week (today as it happens) and the joy when she realises it’s Wednesday is, quite frankly, heartbreaking. Because it’s her only chance to spend time with any humans outside of our bubble. In a mask. Six feet apart. With no contact. But it’s all that we could do.

    And it will be taken from her soon enough. Make no mistake about that. Cases are spiking everywhere and I hate every single selfish fucker who won’t wear a mask. If I could send them my daughter’s future therapy bills I would.

    We spend a minimum period of two hours every day cuddling on my bed because she just needs that reassurance. It sounds lovely but it’s every day. It’s relentless.

    But that’s not the main point of this post. It’s mainly the second linked article I’m pondering.

    See, a few nights ago #1 Son wombled into my bedroom and asked me:

    Mom, if you could have any career what would it be?

    First off, ouch.

    It’s not the first time either. Over a year ago I was standing in my kitchen doing one of my snow/ice dyeing experiments and #1 Son asked his father what I was doing. When told I was doing a science experiment this was the response:

    Why is mom doing that? She’s just mom.

    I walked away and left daddy to deal with that.

    Way to hit me right between the eyes there son. Because this is a very sore spot for me.

    I am a stay at home parent. It’s not a job I ever envisaged for myself; and, if I’m honest? It’s not the job I wanted.

    Now, do not get me wrong. I adore my kids with every fibre of my being. I went through hell on earth to have them. But I wanted to keep my job. To keep my paycheck. My independence – in so far as that was possible.

    Then we emigrated. And I couldn’t work until I got my work permit. Then #1 Son started school and we realised that, work permit or not, there was no way on Gods Green Earth that I was going to be able to find work whilst dealing with him there.

    Then there was TT. Daycare is ludicrously expensive so I was forced to accept I was stuck until she started Kindergarten at least.

    However that was OK, after all, my skill set is in higher education administration and from The University of Oxford no less. Surely I would be able to find something when the time came? If not Harvard or MIT then at least Tufts or Boston College etc right? After all, University education is a permanent fixture right?!?!?

    Ahem, so sorry.

    Because then the pandemic happened. And it’s clear that Higher Education is going to take a massive hit in the short to medium term. So that’s that for now. And it’s been over three years already. God knows what my skill set is going to look like by the time this situation is under control.

    So for the foreseeable I’m stuck. Completely.

    However hus-creature did put the recent sad into slight perspective.

    The fact that my son asked me if I wanted a career? That means he doesn’t remember when I DID.

    Which means that he only remembers me being around. So no damage of any kind from me missing those formative moments of ages 1-5.

    Some solace perhaps.

    But I do still have a sad.

    Life is complicated isn’t it?

    But I am around. I can help with remote learning. I can comfort my kids and we don’t need me to bring in a paycheck. I’m grateful for that.

    But COVID needs to fuck off. Because it’s still a lot. And some days it’s too fucking much. And I’m tired. So tired.

    Baby Loss Awareness Week

    I have seen mention that yesterday, October 15 – Baby Loss Awareness Day – also covers infertility.

    With that in mind, I have my own story to share.

    I will preface it with that I know I am lucky. I was only ever almost the 1/4.

    I’m often blasé about my infertility and my struggles with it, because I know I’m lucky.

    #1 Son was conceived in a normal time frame, and we didn’t KNOW how impossible he should have been.

    TT? We knew – and it was hell. Hell just knowing that what we were putting ourselves through was likely pointless, but that we had to jump through the hoops to get the IVF referal.

    The months of trying that followed, that weren’t straightforward because of my surgery. The tears, the stress, the guilt – because I HAD one child, surely he should be enough? Knowing in my heart that he wasn’t. That he needed a sibling and that I needed to have a second baby.

    Then that positive test. Then the hope and fear that came with it. But then to be sternly told that with my issues the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy was very high, so any pain, any bleeding I MUST go direct to A&E – do not pass “Go”. Do not collect $200.

    I remember that day so clearly. I remember the pub lunch the office had gone to that day (because I was SO glad I’d stuffed myself 😂🤣); Returning to the office, going to the toilet (it was 4pm) and seeing blood. I went stone cold.

    I remember how supportive my awesome boss was – he took one look at my face and asked if I needed to leave. I could barely nod, and he just told me to get gone – that he would handle everything.

    I remember calling the hus-creature and sobbing to him. I remember the kindness of another colleague who took me for a cuppa and let me weep whilst waiting for him to collect #1 Son from nursery and come get me.

    I remember reaming a random cold caller who had DARED to call me “about the car accident you had”

    I didn’t pass my driving test until TT was 8 months old.

    I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I do remember screaming (whilst on a public high street – which as a Brit is a huge nono) that I was in the middle of a potential miscarriage and waiting for a call from my doctor and she was tying up my phone line. I DO however remember her terrified apology. And to this day I hope I made her think and reassess her career choices.

    I’ll never forget rushing to A&E, 7 weeks pregnant with my girl. Terrified I was going to lose her. Knowing that if I did? There wasn’t going to be another baby.

    I had to break the news to both sets of parents that yes, I was pregnant with the much longed-for second child but possibly for not much longer and could they please come get my eldest from the hospital so that he was safe and away from it all.

    A night of nil-by-mouth and such kind (but silent) nurses. But nobody explained why. Nobody talked to me. Nobody could handle my fear, my panic or my pre-grief.

    Because they knew. They had seen my notes. They knew what this meant. That I was almost certainly going to need emergency surgery so not even a cup of tea.

    But I was one of the lucky ones. The following morning I had an emergency scan, saw a heartbeat and cried tears of joy. I remember the technician commenting that it was so rare for them to see happy tears. I got a week’s sick note and I rested. Oh god did I rest.

    I got the fairy tale. I often talk to women with endometriosis and tell them my story because I want them to know that the miracles DO happen.

    But so often they don’t. To this day I don’t know why I was so lucky.

    Infertility is hard. So hard.

    Baby loss is worse.

    So I lit a candle for everyone who needs one. And I hope that I haven’t caused pain in this; I simply feel that I do have a story to tell.

    I’m back. No clever titles today

    2020 has sucked. Totally sucked. I’ve started and deleted so many posts and haven’t had the strength to continue.

    It’s August. It’s Back To School time. And I’m not planning. I’m waiting to see if the school supplied that I pre-ordered (and paid for) to be sent to school will be returned to me or if I have to buy more.

    There should have been “then and now” versions of these:

    #1 Son should be smashing Third Grade in person in less baggy clothes
    I ought to be both celebrating and terrified that this is my last year at home with TT before Kindergarten

    Couple this with the article that Facebook news just shared with me (and that I cannot seem to share) that over 74,000 infections have occurred within children across the country (USA) in the last two weeks since certain states continued the stupid plan of reopening everything because it’s all fine?

    Literal footage of the American politicians right now

    This, this right here, is why I am NOT sending #1 Son back to in person schooling before there is a safe vaccine.

    I abhor every policy – both school AND employer – that is forcing both teachers AND parents to do what we KNOW is unsafe and LETHAL in the pursuit of the mighty dollar/pound/rouble.

    This virus doesn’t care about the economy.

    This virus doesn’t care about the education of our children. This virus just “wants” to survive.

    To do this it will continue to spread and kill.

    Stop this madness now. Help teachers educate REMOTELY. Allow working parents (especially mothers because I’m sorry but facts is facts – this most often falls to us) to spend enough time away from their “desks” to help their kids learn.

    None of us went into Parenthood expecting a global pandemic and we have been LET DOWN.

    The government have proved – time and time again – that they don’t care about their people at an individual level. On BOTH sides of the Atlantic. If we had locked down TRULY at the start of this for 2-4 weeks back in MARCH we would have contained this. Look at New Zealand if you don’t believe me.

    Therefore, while I have you here. USA friends – VOTE.

    Vote like your lives depend on it. Because they DO. If the Orange One gets a second term? America is fucked. No ifs ands or buts.

    It’s not even about Republican versus Democrat any more. I’m no more enthused about the choice there than a lot of us (I wanted Warren) BUT I truly believe that Trump will kill us all to stay out of prison. I don’t want to die. I don’t want my husband, kids or friends to die either.

    So. Keep your kids out of in person school if you can and VOTE.

    If you don’t vote. Trump wins. Every single vote counts.

    And UK friends? Keep strong. We will get through this. But REMEMBER. Remember Boris and how he defended Cummings rather than the people. How he stood in an EMPTY school and declared it “safe”.

    How the pubs and restaurants are worth protecting but masks in schools is too hot button to make mandatory.

    They don’t care about us as people. We are numbers on a page and we are expendable. The great God Economy is worth more than Grandma. We needed leadership in this crisis. We didn’t get it. It’s going to get worse.

    Stay safe. Demand change. VOTE.

    And remember:



    Christmas Eve (and Eve-Eve) 2019

    Well it’s here again. Five days ahead of TT’s birthday and the tree is up, presents are under it and both children are sleeping.

    So we seem have some traditions forming now. The first is that we go for a nice meal on Christmas Eve-Eve (yesterday). One friend informed me I ought to call it Christmas Adam. I’m tempted. But another friend (who is Danish) informed me that in Denmark it is actually known as Little Christmas Eve.

    I love both of these ideas. Tune in next Christmas to find out which I go for.

    We went to Buffalo Wild Wings last year. This year we went to Bertucci’s – a lovely Italian chain.

    Olive Garden is vile – we don’t go there

    And I have my own tradition now:

    The kids ate well and I’m off the dairy-free bandwagon. My mental health has been in the toilet this whole month and I cracked like an egg.

    But I feel so much better mentally, if not physically necessarily.

    And so to today.

    We went to the Flaming Grill and Buffet in Malden today for lunch. It’s a Japanese-Chinese-American fusion buffet. It was a resounding success.

    My plate:

    The hus-creature’s:


    #1 Son’s:

    All completely different. And everyone ate and ate well.

    A resounding success. We will go back there again.

    Then we spent the rest of the day at home. Yes, the kids got progressively more and more excited, but not wired.

    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

    Here is what we left out for Santa:

    The apple is for the reindeer – the hus-creature has researched this and apparently reindeer farmers genuinely give people apples to feed to them as treats.

    The kiddos went happily to bed and tomorrow will be awesome. Food is planned. Drink is planned. The hus-creature and I will be a team cooking and hopefully the kiddos will be distracted with new things.

    And I think they might just have been on the Nice List:

    We can confirm that Santa does indeed appreciate macarons and Japanese whiskey.

    Goodnight all. See you on the other side ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    On rights

    Human rights.

    We are all human beings. We all deserve to be considered equal.

    In recent years a number of events have occurred that are working towards this as a goal.

    • Marriage Rights for same-sex couples
    • Reproductive Rights

    Just for the record, in case there was any doubt, I am firmly, pro-choice and pro same-sex marriage. Oh and also pro same-sex couples being able to adopt (and foster, but I think that might be a little easier)

    Overall I am significantly privileged in my day to day life. I’m:

    1. Straight
    2. Cis
    3. Female
    4. White

    Oh yes, racism rears it’s head because our recent green card experience was SO DIFFERENT to that of a colleague of the hus-creature who just so happened to not be white.

    Now I’m never going to say that being a woman is easy, it’s bloody not. I’ve had enough grief and heartache simply having my medical issues taken seriously.

    Now just for a second could we imagine that I was not cis?

    Cis, for people who may not be aware, is the term used to describe those of us as individuals who identify with our gender assigned to us at birth.

    In my case to not be cis would mean that I identified as male in a female body.

    I just cannot imagine dealing with endometriosis and also knowing I was in the wrong body.

    But people do. There are people who are born assigned male who know they are female, and vice versa.

    And for this to be corrected in whatever manner the individual wants (and it doesn’t always mean surgery ok?) they need support. They need to have the right to seek the treatment they need.

    Did you know that one of the treatments for endometriosis is the same medication that is often prescribed for transitioning individuals? I didn’t. Until I was prescribed it. Because it shuts down your ovaries. Yes, I was on a puberty blocker. Amongst other things – it also treats both aggressive breast cancer and prostate cancer.

    I know? Who knew right? Bloody wonder drug it is. And also costs thousands of dollars per shot out here. But that’s a separate rant for another blog post.

    Did that change my sexual orientation? No.

    Did that change my gender identity? No.

    Oh and yes, I was also prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) because I still needed the hormones that my body wasn’t making at the time.

    And yes, I’m still on them now

    Did that change my sexual orientation? No.

    Did that change my gender identity? No.

    I was still female. Still a woman. And recognised as such. Which put me in an interesting position of privilege.

    But why am I musing on this today? Because today, one of my (previously) favourite authors – JK Rowling – has confirmed that she is a TERF.

    What is a TERF? That would be a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

    She believes that you can only be a woman if you were born biologically one. Likewise you can only be a man if you are born biologically one. Whatever “biologically” actually means. DNA testing has shown that there’s much more complexity to things than simple XY and XX meaning Male and Female respectively.

    No. Science has proven this to not be true. And regardless – if it doesn’t affect you why does it matter?

    By this I mean – you don’t have to experience something to agree with it.

    Likewise just because it would never be a thing you would do, doesn’t mean you have to vilify it.

    I am comfortable in my skin, in the gender I was assigned at my birth. I did not choose this. It’s the way I am wired. The way my brain works. I am lucky.

    There are individuals for whom that is not the case. And they are human. They deserve rights. They deserve the same rights as everyone else. They deserve to be able to receive the medical care they need (whether self funded or otherwise) to be well. To be safe. In whatever format that takes for them. They deserve not to be persecuted for their existence.

    And for those thinking “but what about bathrooms” and similar things can I ask you something? Do you have gendered bathrooms in your house? Do your neighbours? No. Because that’s insane. Transgender individuals are no more likely to assault another person than any other group. Could it happen? Of course, but not simply because they are transgender.

    That would be because they are a bad person. Which has nothing to do with gender identity or sexual preference.

    I do understand that it’s difficult. That there’s a sensitivity to it but with the bathroom part that’s easy – gender neutral bathrooms with locking cubicles. That way no one sees what’s in your pants. Gyms etc? Gender-neutral lockable cubicles for changing in. That way no one sees what is in your pants. No one has a urinal in their bathroom do they? They aren’t a requirement. I mean, I have no idea if they are more comfortable than peeing standing up, what with not having the prerequisite equipment, but men poop too. And to quote South Park:

    You don’t take a dookie in the urinal

    My gym has three lockable areas to change. Two of them have a shower. It’s never been an issue – never been too full to not change.

    Hell even the building TT’s dance class is held has gender neutral toilets on every floor. And yes, it makes me happy to see it. Because that’s the minimum needed to make so many people feel safe.

    So I’ve made a slightly early New Year’s Resolution.

    In 2020, I intend to go to Pride. I’m going to go, and I am going to offer “Mom Hugs” to any LGBTQ+ person who needs or wants them.

    This world is getting scarier by the day and if I can help in any small way I will. People shouldn’t be living in fear because of who they are.

    Because let’s face it, why the hell would anyone choose to live their lives in fear? If being gay was a choice, I don’t believe anyone would choose to put themselves in the harms way that it currently is. And it shouldn’t be.

    Love is love. Gay, straight, bi, ace, black, white or other. Life is life.

    As ever I’m sure I haven’t expressed myself the way I intended to, but I hope at least I’ve made sense.

    I will end this post by saying, if this is something that you personally disagree with. That’s fine. You do you boo. But do not legislate against other human beings simply because they differ from you. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, agree to disagree and move on.

    And vaccinate your dang kids people. That does cause harm.

    Oh and here’s some reading material:

    Love Lives Here

    Yes, You Are Trans Enough

    Oh and while I’m on this train. The Earth isn’t flat.