Momma has departed

I had 9 weeks with my wonderful momma.

But the best things in life must come to an end and she had to return to the homeland.

There was much packing and re-packing:

I’m sad, but have been promised that she and dad will return in the summer for at least a fortnight, maybe even three weeks.

We will have barbecues and the kiddies will play outside…

Well, if we get the fence we were promised before we moved in

And we will do the tourist thing and it will be lots of fun.

Well, it’s only three months away.

Well, that and Momma accidentally pinched my fleece – so she has to come back to return it 😂🤣

For now, I will snuggle with the hus-creature on the sofa, and continue watching Wonder Woman.

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

One thought on “Momma has departed”

  1. Did she get home safely?
    How are the kids coping with her departure? They must be completely devastated.
    Give them a big hug from us.
    I hope my copy of “Ida, always” turns up tomorrow or on Saturday, so that Alice can read it too. They are spending the weekend with us. Yeah!
    I love the extremely smug look on the hus creature’s face when he was about to enjoy his birthday cocktail.
    Remember my request to disguise my mothers’ day flowers as birthday flowers to outwit the profiteering shopkeepers? Well, in the same vein I did not buy Easter eggs before Easter, but today. I got Chris a large Mars egg with 3 Mars bars (331g of chocolate for £1.50), and for myself, 2 Thornton white choc bunnies (400g of choc for £2), hee hee hee!


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