The first day of “normality”

Well, today was the first true day I have flown solo in over 9 weeks!

Thanks to the ever wonderful J, #1 Son was deposited at school with a decent snack – I managed that yay!

TT spent the day alternately beaming smiles or stropping fit to rival any teenager.

When #1 Son returned from his academic travails, he was bearing this:

His teacher isn’t the only one who is proud!

I’m not crying you’re crying

He earned a lollipop for this.

He then also completed worksheets in his Math, Reading and Writing books – with only token protests.

TT managed a whole day dry, did a #2 in the toilet (we’ve been having a string of accidents over the last few days there) and not a single “revenge pee”.

Yes, this is a thing, and my daughter has mastered it – aren’t I the lucky one?


I have made significant strides towards my Etsy shop.

I have:

  • Registered my business within the state of Massachusetts.
  • Registered my shop name.
  • Prepped all of my initial stock*.
  • Purchased a proper light box and props for said stock.
  • Purchased postage and packing materials.
  • Set up electronic and paper filing systems for the business.
  • Replaced my old ball winder (no, not the hus-creature 😂🤣) as my old one just could not cope with the pressure.
  • Contacted and organised someone which much more design skill than me to do my logo and banner.
  • Set up (via the wonderful hus-creature) my business email inbox.
  • Set up my business PayPal stuff.
  • Worked on my FAQs – they are getting there.

Things that I have not yet done:

  • Taken the actual stock photos yet.
  • Made my shop live – see point one of this list.
  • Written my key words list.
  • Finalised postage costs.
  • Social media for the shop.

Neither list is exhaustive, and I am open to suggestions. However, it’s late, I have (another) cold, and so I am off to bed.

*There is “the last snow of winter 17/18” predicted between tonight and next Wednesday. After the pathetic attempts of last week, I am reserving judgement whilst leaning far more towards “I will believe it when I see it”.

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