Hus-creature’s birthday

And other shenanigans.

So, March 31 is the birth date of my wonderful, gorgeous man-thing whom I affectionately refer to on here as the hus-creature.

He received lots of lovely presents.

But perhaps most importantly were the spontaneous “cards” the children made for him:

#1 Son also wanted to create “birthday decorations” for the house for his daddy:

He has recently discovered Ghostbusters. Can you tell?


He also received another present from his sister and brother in law but I didn’t manage to add it to the pile before the children “helped daddy open his presents”

(I had a vision of my next birthday heh)

Mom, very sensibly, kept hers separate to give to him once the initial madness subsided.

He didn’t get a particularly relaxing day, as #1 Son had a party to get to.

As I forgot to write about the party a fortnight ago, please enjoy this montage of photos taken by the hus-creature

And there were slides too!!!

Then it was Daddy’s turn…

I think we are going to need to think about one of these places for his party end of May.

But after this, we went on a date night, courtesy of my momma.

Dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant that also specialised in tequila.

We started with cocktails to warm us up:

The moved on to a “Flight” of shots to share.

$24 got us a light, medium and dark shot of tequila to try. And they were gorgeous.

I now understand why tequila makes people happy 😂😂

We had some delicious foods:

There was dessert too, but we were in a rush to get to the cinema, and I forgot to photo it!

We went to see “A Wrinkle in Time”

It was very good.

It was improved exponentially by the addition of a Caribbean Cooler (hus-creature), and a frozen Strawberry Margarita (me)!

It wasn’t epic cinema, and it did feel a little rushed in a few places, but it’s worth a watch.

Easter Sunday today, but we’ve been so busy we forgot to do the egg thing. Easter Monday it is then!

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