Not to be outdone

By her brother, TT was completely hysterical and inconsolable from 1-2am

I brought her into our bed to calm down but we got poked, slapped, pinched, “hello hello mommy/daddy” and “shhhhhhhhhh”‘d at until we gave up and put her back in the cot at 2.

She settled seemingly easily (I should have been more suspicious) and we got up at the normal time and I went in to get her up.

Only to be greeted by a scene from The Exorcist 🤢

So it’s been a double bath day for both kids. But honestly you would not know she’s been sick.

This was filmed at 09:09:

Hop the bunny

I didn’t know she knew that bunnies hopped!

Whilst I am following the normal sickness bug protocols just in case, I am mostly putting it down to irritated gut from all the screaming.

She has not been happy with following the BRAT diet all day.

I also introduced her to Simon’s Cat in an attempt to save my sanity today.


There has since been a constant litany of “more cat”, “more kitty” or “more bunny”.

It’s been a long day.

I also had an appointment with my primary care doctor at 11:15. Ostensibly for a medication review.

I’m not certain he has prescribed me anything for my professed (and finally admitted) anxiety but he has definitely given me a prescription for blood pressure medication.

Yes, I have hypertension.

Deep joy.

I have been suffering from blinding headaches off and on for over a month and finally I admitted that the hus-creature was correct to nag me about it as it could not just be put down to “late Zoladex jab”

My lovely doctor man concurred with this, and I need to return at 09:45 on Monday December 11th to see if it’s improving.

I was still waiting for over an hour to see him though….

This is not the shining example that is being touted across the pond…

I mean it’s good, at least if you have insurance, don’t get me wrong, but it’s flaws are incredibly similar to those I have experienced within the NHS.


Also, the pharmacy did not have the required medicaments.  They offered to send it to another pharmacy, but I needed to get home so that the hus-creature could get into work for the afternoon.  Also, it was sent as an electronic prescription so I’m not certain I trust it to be sent along, and I’m not entirely sure where any other pharmacies are locally.


All good fun.

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2 thoughts on “Not to be outdone”

  1. The “hop the bunny” film is totally adorable.
    I concur with your view that the screaming probably caused the vomiting (cf Just William).
    Sorry that your hypertension is back. Is there a low sodium option for your takeaway meals? I have reduced our salt consumption by 90%. Instead I use a tiny bit of chilli oil. They both stimulate the taste buds.
    American medicine is very grossly over-rated, give me the NHS any day. For instance, Gary had a cardiologist who was so crassly incompetent that at one stage there were fears he may have lung cancer. He switched to a competent cardiologist, who gave him a pacemaker, and hey, presto, all his symptoms faded, and he felt decades younger. And I am not impressed with Marg’s hip replacements either. I love the NHS more and more everyday.

    Let us know if there is any improvement.


    1. See today’s update for my happy. But I agree, the NHS is totally under appreciated and needs TLC.

      I started my new meds today so we shall see if they help. My BP was 170/110 today….

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