Deep sleepers

Come with their own share of issues.

Tonight our living room contains a small invader.

#1 Son beat us to the punch tonight, and as such is “camping”.

It was discovered by daddy getting a very wet t-shirt as he carried him to the bathroom.

And contrary to what said hus-creature thinks, I did not laugh at his misfortune.

I was too busy quietly cursing. This is an issue given he has a high sleeper.

We will change his bed in the morning. If we did it tonight it runs the very real risk of waking TT, as it involves bringing the ladder (a clanking metal one) from the basement through her room and into his.

So choices were:

  1. Spend 15 minutes making up the sofa bed and letting him camp down there. But risk him not going back to sleep.
  2. Make up his bed. Which takes upwards of 30 minutes, runs the real risk of waking TT, and also risks him not going back to sleep by keeping him up longer still.

We went with 1.

He seems pleased and is already asleep again.

The cat is also thrilled to have her former hidey hole back. Hope she leaves him alone.

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

3 thoughts on “Deep sleepers”

  1. Do you know why? Did you wake him up later than usual? Did he drink more than usual? Was the weather particularly cold?
    Bringing the ladder from the basement sounds like very hard work. Could you buy some foldable steps which you could keep where you stash your bottles?

    1. We suspect that he didn’t do a wee before bedtime – in that he forgot/said he’d done it when he hadn’t.

      It needs to be the full height ladder rather than a foot stool to allow daddy to strip and remake the high sleeper.

  2. Making the high sleeper seems to be an enormous amount of trouble. Would it be easier if you stuck a pair of wings on the hus creature’s back?

    Nathan can be extremely stubborn about using the toilet. When we babysat while you had your nails done, he wanted to leave the park because he needed a wee, but when got home he strenuously denied it and shouted at me. An hour later he ran to the bathroom while holding his crotch…

    Hopefully he’ll grow out of it soon.


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