4 months in

Well. I (we) have now been living in the USA for a third of a year 🙀

Have I learned anything?

Nothing earth shattering. People are people everywhere. Some suck. Others do not. I still struggle making friends but maybe that’s just how it is.

I’ve invited H up to ours for a coffee on Friday as we will (hopefully) have a sofa arrive tomorrow so I will have somewhere for her to sit comfortably while we natter. And she really seems nice, so perhaps I can manage that? She seemed really happy to accept and has been so friendly.


I’ve drawn a line under the possibility of friendship from the knitting class. I’m looking on it as purely educational with a hint of social, and that’s okay. I’ve done it before.

As the weather is changing and getting colder, I’m going to stick it out until the sock(s) are finished then explore other options towards the spring. I’ve got a (probably irrational) fear of being stuck in an unfamiliar town in the snow with no way to get home.


I wrote the above before going to my group tonight. I actually had fun. I am officially still confused as to what the hell is going on though.

It was the start of a new 10-week session tonight and there were a lot of people. Including one lady who hadn’t been there in a while due to being hit by a car. She was bubbly and fun and, when she realised I am British, basically grabbed on to me and asked me to talk to her all night.

I didn’t, but people chuckled and found it charming. I am not trying to work it out anymore.

I got a lift home with the lovely G (the lady who gave me her cell number) and she asked if, when I have my hysterectomy, if I want company for an hour or two for knitting and a cuppa she would be happy to.

She had the op at 31 and for the same reasons, so she “gets” it.

Surely you don’t make that sort of offer if you don’t like the person right? Perhaps I have made a friend?

Oh, and I’ve worked out how to share the Fun Run link:

Turkey Trot weblink: Here

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2 thoughts on “4 months in”

  1. What is Dumbledore’s photo doing here?

    Can we pledge cash since we’ll be there? I am far too paranoid to reveal my credit card number and we don’t have $ cheques. I said we would match what you give. So, how much are you giving?

    There is no question that G is a bona fide friend. She has made 3 friendly acts so far: cell phone number/lift/visit offers. She feels empathy with you because she’d had the same illness and the same op. Thank her enthusiastically for her offer to visit after the op, but make sure you don’t criticise the other knitters in case some are her friends!

    See you tomorrow!


    1. Dumbledore is supposed to be animated and shrugging but appears static. Clearly Muggle-ized.

      A very valid and well-made point 😘

      See you tomorrow!!!

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