Sponsored Turkey Trot

Ok I’ve been a bad school parent.

I kind of ignored a Fun Run slip that came home because, let’s face it, I don’t actually know anyone here.

Or at least no one I feel I can hit up for money.

But on November 22nd #1 Son will be doing a sponsored run (and will be running anyway) so he really ought to be able to hand in some pennies.

I had planned to pop a link in here to his page, but apparently it’s email only.

So, if anyone wants to donate and knows me well enough to either have me on Facebook or have my email address, send me a message and I’ll email you the link.

Any donations gratefully received.

This is the email you’d get:

Yes we will sponsor him too.

Look at that face 💕💕💕

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2 thoughts on “Sponsored Turkey Trot”

  1. Of course we’ll sponsor #1 son. We’ll match whatever you are giving. We’ll be with you on the 22nd, so we’ll give you the money before setting off for the station. Unfortunately we won’t be able to go and watch, unless it takes place first thing.

    Olivier and Domi were kind enough to sponsor Alice for one of her cancer research runs, and I am sure they’ll also sponsor Nathan. Send them emails, asking how much they want to give, pay for them and get your money back at Thanksgiving. If you are feeling uncomfortable asking for the money, I’ll do it for you. Unfortunately no coercion will be necessary, so I won’t get the opportunity to hold them upside down by the ankles and shake them. Shucks!

    Alice will sponsor him too, I am sure. We can pay for her and she can reimburse us at Xmas.

    On several occasions we sponsored Emma and Kate, but we can’t ask them to sponsor Nathan since we don’t see them anymore.

    I don’t want to ask Philippe because he is much too generous and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

    But don’t forget your siblings and parents!

    You can tell the little mite that his relatives will give him lots of pennies for his turkey trot.

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