School and Toddlers

And destruction oh my!


So this week has so far gone

Bad Days – 2

Good Days – 1


Poor J (I must ask her if she would like a nickname) was forced to stand in as temporary parent to corral #1 Son when he refused to come home Monday and Tuesday.  She’s been amazing and he loves her to pieces, but he can be an utter shite when home time hits.


But at school he drew an illustrated book – one book was the drawings, a second was the narration.  And he was enjoying it so much he refused to take his break!!!!

His teacher sent it home for us to look at because she thought it was so good – and it was, I am so proud of him.

He had a great day today and J had a plan for home time – she asked him what could help him have  better day than yesterday and one of the things he said was snacks – so she brought a box of goldfish crackers and he was great.


The woman is a genius!
And with her permission, proof that #1 Son adores her kids:

Don’t think little B is too impressed 😂🤣 but young Master P (I will not call him Baby P) is unphased. 


Today the Tiny Tyrant seemed to take pleasure in working my last nerve.  This post was nearly entitled ‘This is why I can’t have nice things

This is mine. It is a bubble bath bar, which I had left safely on a high shelf

And this is the remains of the destruction after initial clean up (she used it as play doh) as I cannot finish until both children are asleep so that the floor can dry safely. 

I managed to put the fear of God into her with my reaction – I managed the Mommy Voice – which I haven’t before and without any yelling. 
Parenting level up
Oh and the hus-creature gave me details of a daycare that we can look at putting her into one day a week – sanity prevails!

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One thought on “School and Toddlers”

  1. What a lovely post today, Fliss! Any hope of photos of #1 son’s masterpiece?
    He looks very happy on the photo with his young friends.

    Sorry about the destruction of your lovely bath stuff. At least TT did not try to eat it, even though the colour is very enticing, and the smell too I suspect. I would not rely on the fear of God to avoid a repeat performance. You are going to have to put everything out of her reach, until she grows out of her Attila-the Hun stage.

    Day care one day a week is a totally brilliant idea for both of you. When can she start?

    Your little brother is coming tomorrow, but sadly he cannot stop for supper as he has to drive all the way to Wales afterwards.


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