I miss curry

That is the one thing I have not yet been able to replace. 
It’s either bland and flavourless, or hot with weird tastes I can’t stomach. 
Apparently I truly am a Brit when it comes to my curry. 
I had a meeting a #1 Son’s school today to discuss action and future plans. 
The upshot is that they want to be as supportive as possible, but their hands are as tied as Dashwood’s was without the formal diagnosis.  
So I went to the paediatrician’s office today and dropped off copies of their full records and it should take a fortnight to have them transcribed and assessed and then we can move forward. 
There’s a lot that differs between the two systems and they need to be switched over ho hum. 
School are also putting additional counselling in place for him if they can (fortunately our insurance is good – they took one look at my card and declared no problems) as they feel it will help. 
I’m all for trying it. 
They also suggested that we look into a certain set of local art classes as they are run by qualified practitioners. 
Again, all for that if he can get something out of it, I looked into it before but was concerned that it was a lot of money to potentially flush if he couldn’t cope with it.  

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