2 Months

Yes, we are two months into this crazy assed adventure. 

I can hardly believe it. 

Things have changed so much. 

We have our own home, which I’m gradually working through setting up. 
I’ve applied for work – permit application received and dated 31 August – so no later than March 2018 I should know. 

I’m also (thanks to my daughter’s obsession) looking gradually into the options for a companion for the cattatafish.  

You see, if I were to get a job then for the first time since we brought her home she would be on her own during the daytime. She’s such a social creature it worries me. 
But obviously the cat needs to produce little (or as little as possible) Fel-D-1 for the hus-creature’s allergy to not be a problem. And I quite fancy the idea of a different breed if we could – that way it wouldn’t feel like we were replacing Miss Kitty Pants, or upgrading or similar. 
My Google-Fu is not as good as his, but the internet informs me of the following options:

  1. Balinese
  2. Bengal – PURTY
  3. Russian Blue – I adore these kitties 
  4. Devon Rex 
  5. Oriental Shorthair
  6. Cornish Rex 
  7. Siberian – gots one of these πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
  8. LaPerm (not a clue)
  9. Sphinx (bleeeeeeeh)
  10. Javanese

There are some definite options on this list. I’ve always loved the look of Orientals generally.  Obviously the hus-creature would need to huff them again to see first. 

He had actually turned me into a cat person!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I still want a dog oh so much, but it’s just not practical at the moment. 

Behold the might of her catliness

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

2 thoughts on “2 Months”

  1. If I wanted to buy a pedigree cat, I’d go for the LaPerm. As the name suggests, it has curly fur!

    But I really don’t think it is a good idea for you to get a second cat. Cats are territorial and solitary animals, and if they are locked in the flat all day while you are at work, you could come home to a blood bath. I assume Alice has sent you the photos of poor, injured Maple. The vet is convinced that she was viciously bitten by another cat.

    Why don’t you ask an expert’s opinion? I know you are still in touch with Nova’s breeder. Why don’t you ask her if it is a good idea to purchase a feline companion for Nova, so that she is not lonely after you go back to work?

    With the money you’d save by not buying another pedigree cat, feeding it, insuring it, etc, etc, you could pay somebody to come and visit her while you are at work.

    Does your landlady like cats???

  2. Hi Fliss,

    Starting this blog was a great idea: you write very well, and you have the knack of turning mundane, everyday events into witty and exciting anecdotes. We used to love your blog so much that every morning, the first thing we did after our ablutions was to switch on the computer in the hope of finding an update, and I know that other people did too.

    Sadly, your blog seems to have lost its mojo. For instance, you were horrified by #1 son’s daily school schedule but you give no information about it whatsoever. I am dying of curiosity. Please will you photograph the document? I photograph documents, and computer screens, regularly, as it is less hassle than printing or writing things down. Also, we haven’t had any news of TT for ages. We’d love to know how she is getting on with her sleeping/eating/teething. Possibly even potty training, for all we know.

    I fully appreciate that unpacking a million boxes is no fun, that your wings have been clipped because you no longer have a car, and that you’d rather get your exercise by sweating in a gym than going on the same long walk twice a day with a toddler who screams out of boredom and frustration. But we miss your entertaining anecdotes so much!

    So, to paraphrase my least favourite person, make the American blog great again!


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