First “week” of school

Eh. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Nor as bad as I’d feared. 
It’s such a change. The place itself is physically bigger. He’s gotten lost at lunch recess at least once. He’s refusing to get to know other teachers (who do lunch and morning recess duty) which has led to a couple of meltdowns and an escape attempt that they foiled. 
I expect intervention soon but his teacher is amazing and apparently she’s the Kindergarten teacher everyone wants to get. She’s calm, she’s positive and I adore her already.  She’s told me about the way initial SENCO intervention works and there’s a couple of other children in his class who may be on the spectrum so he’s not going to be alone. 
It’s going to be hard – she’s already warned me that Legos will begin to disappear from next week as curriculum starts, but we’re both prepared for that, and I have tried to warn #1 Son 
Interestingly, he is currently, and inadvertently, top of the class educationally speaking because of his Reception year. I really hope this helps him with his confidence. 

He’s actually eaten his lunch both days – and it wasn’t simply a PB&J sandwich!!! I’m so proud of him. 

He refused to leave the classroom yesterday however at home time (it’s down in the basement) because he “thought he had failed” over something or other – end of the day is currently his main “trigger” (which is frankly a major improvement) and was in tears when I went to collect him over it. 

But this is what he was sporting when I arrived:

So there was no failure to me. So we know we need to help build him up the poor lad. He takes every little bad thing as a massive one. I know where he gets that little trait from – so we will work on it. 

I’m expecting more after school meetings next week. But that’s ok. This is a new start. We are going to prioritise getting him to a doctor and getting his diagnosis confirmed – the blasted appointment up at the JR came through yesterday – helpful! Speedy, I’ll grant you. 
Buddy, we’re going to get there. We are going to do this. And I am so so proud of you. Always. 

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4 thoughts on “First “week” of school”

  1. Hello Fliss,

    Usually your blog makes me laugh, but today it made me cry. #1 son looks so proud and cute and beautiful with the giant sticker on his T-shirt! I so much would like to give him a big, big hug until he squirms! November cannot arrive quickly enough.

    With his teacher you have hit the jackpot: a brilliant teacher is the most important asset a school can offer, and you should not move him, even if you have to fight arctic blizzards and snow storms to get him to school in the winter.

    What a relief that he ate his school lunches!

    We are off to Ireland on Sunday and hopefully we’ll be able to access your blog.


  2. I have been a big fan of your blog since the first day…I enjoy your style , your humour , it ‘s very interesting and even entertaining . But above all I follow the way you adjust to this country. My guess, even before you came was that you would love being here ( maybe except for leaving your family in England)
    Your 2 kids are absolutely adorable .
    I am pretty sure that Nathan is at the best place to realize all his Potential
    You all must be very busy settling in your new life and I am happy that you find the time to work a little bit on your artistic knitting

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