So today it began. I will admit to more than a little apprehension. 

#1 Son got himself dressed and we headed out at 07:45. School normally runs 08:05 – 14:22 (which is oddly specific ) but as it was the very first day, the littles started 08:30. 

Means that tomorrow we will have to leave even earlier, 😭😭😭😭 but it’s only for one day, and when he starts up again next Tuesday we will be in Melrose and will be walking. 

My boys 💗💗💗💗💗

So daddy stayed outside with TT and I walked him into his classroom. To say that the setup is totally different would be something of an understatement.  

They have individual stated places with names and numbers (but that ought to help him what with his issues) and tables. But on those tables was… LEGO

So he had a great morning. We did have a few issues but his new teacher (Ms. Ferrari) is confident that it can be improved. I like her already!

She has asked for more information so we need to finish the diagnosis process asap, which we will do as soon as we are moved and settled. 

We were then sent to the “all purpose room” for a new parents breakfast. It has been previously known as the “boo hoo breakfast” but we were all good and there was no sobbing. 
I was amused to see this:

And I amused a few parents by commenting that it was a taste of home and a tad unexpected.  
We didn’t have official first day homework, but he did decorate his school/home folder:

And I’m impressed at the neatness. I must tell him that tomorrow.  

Not to be outdone, TT has developed a new skill:

Part of her daily routine is “playing blocks with daddy”.  However, she usually simply destroys everything daddy builds. 

Today however she sat with him and played with his constructions without bashing/otherwise maiming them 😍😻
The last few teeth are almost through. I see the light at the end of this particular tunnel. 
We have only a few more days left here, but we picked up the keys to our new apartment today.  Couldn’t pop in to see as it’s being decorated and re-painted due to lead. 
I cannot wait to have my own bed again – and our new mattress and posh pillows. And my bath sheets. I really miss my bath sheets. 
 It may throw the kids routines off again though…

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  1. American schools especially in the lower grades sometimes look like all play no work 😀😃😄😁😅 but the country does have a few decent colleges so somewhere along the way the kids must actually be learning something 😅😂😇🤑. Am not familiar with the U.K. system but relative to the French system 😱😨😰😢😥🤢 the US is much more positive, stresses creativity and independent thinking and above all (over) stresses presentation skills. And it is way more flexible which, for an atypical learner like Nathan, is uber important. What do you mean by finishing the diagnosis process, are they sending you to the school district psychologist?

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