The first day of the The FINAL Big Move ™

Was yesterday.  Yes, we now have the keys to what will be our permanent home (for the next 12 months at least).  We have subdivided into two teams until Monday. I will stay at home with the kidlets, and the hus-creature is in charge of crate acceptance and unpacking.

So he arrived before the delivery men, and had a quick look.  It seems our lovely landlords have installed a childlock on the cupboard under the sink at least, which means TT cannot get into one place, so we can keep the dangerous  cleaning things there safely.

At about 09:00 our lives arrived.  In a mere 5 pallets and 180 boxes.  These nice menfolk merely delivered said items.  They were not going to stay to assemble anything darn it.

Apparently a thing which will potentially confuse new friends and neighbours: Behold the mighty egg cup!!!!

I’m not sure TT will care about this anymore, but her ride-on zebra appears to have survived the trip intact.

This was the seminal moment.  1 box completely unpacked by the wondrous hus-creature.  A mere 179 to go…

He found and assembled #1 Son’s bed in pieces:

The husband-person enlisted the help of a very kind team lead-person to construct the rest of the bed.  I do hope he was given booze/pizza/extra help with relevant work projects.

The amount of windows and light in this room is immense.  #1 Son has the ‘end’ bedroom, which does not have it’s own door as such, rather a (currently) locked door to the shared hallway.  At some point we will get the key for this door.  And if we stay long term, it would give him some privacy and access to get in and out.  But obviously that is a long time away.  Fear not dear audience, the five year old will not be getting a way to escape!!!

The place is more than a little cluttered up at the moment, but there’s a plan for where things will go.


Courtship memories arrived safely πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•

So while all of the above was going on, I was in charge of the kiddles while attempting to pack more, which didn’t happen that day.  I gave up after lunch and took them to the park.

During this venture, Daddy sent through the already posted pictures of his bed being assembled.  This was #1 Son’s reaction:

In case it wasn’t obvious, I was mega-hugged.  And informed that we were the best mum and dad ever.  A tear came to my eye I admit.


And when I turned around, I saw TT doing this:

Yes, she has learned how to climb up the metal curved ladder at the park.  That look of bewildered apprehension was swiftly replaced by beautific pride:

Look what I did Mommy

(Whilst mommy is torn between swallowing her tonsils or cheering)

We had a dinner at B. Good (I couldn’t stomach yet another trip to Burger King 🀒🀒🀒)

Both kiddos wanted hot dogs.  To the extent that TT was shouting “ot dooooooooog” at me for the 10 minute walk to the diner, then until the food came.  Which was a while, because it was freshly cooked.

#1 Son did not like the real sausage.  He apparently (like his mother) prefers the trotters and hoofs option.  He did at least eat the bread.

TT however scoffed her broccoli and sausage, and even a few of the sweet potato fries.  So, I’m counting it as a win overall.

And finally, I saw this on the menu and I just had to have it!!!!

Yes it’s a goddamn avocado toast.
I am a millennial. I eat avocado toast and destroy economies bitches!!!!

Ahem, sorry about that.


I am tired, it is 22:45 and so I bid you adieu for now and will recap today’s adventures tomorrow morning.

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

4 thoughts on “The first day of the The FINAL Big Move ™”

  1. Well done hus creature! I think Microsoft is a really good company to work for, with all those friendly and helpful colleagues!
    I wish you great happiness in your lovely, spacious new home.
    By the way, whatever happened regarding the car? Surely you are not wheel-less?
    Got to dash. Plane to catch.

  2. Hi Fliss
    I keep following the progress of Nathan.
    The walk to school must be really exhaustive..
    You cat so beautiful.
    It was possible for us to drive with our old French drivers license a few months before taking the US one. I don’t know if it is still possible but I understand that it might be frightening to drive on the right side once we are used to the left one

    1. Hi Marguerite

      You are exactly correct – I’m scared. I had only passed my test last August and we sold our car in May so I really haven’t had much practice solo and I’m very nervous. Some of the intersections here are frankly insane!

      1. Are they a four way stop intersections ?
        It may be different in Massachusetts but in Maryland when we have a four ways stop the first car arrived stops then goes the second stops then goes then the third and so one
        You don’t have to take into account if it comes from left or right or across . It is a very civilized way. We have to look carefully whose turn it is and be polite.
        if the traffic is too heavy we don’t know who is first or second the rule is to proceed clockwise
        Actually it might be very good for you to be a rockie inexperienced British driver you will acquire new American habits more
        Easily. Of course first you need this SSN ( i had the same problem) then after a few classes you’ll see because you are young and intelligent your brain will adjust to this way to drive relatively easily, don’t worry too much , after a few classes and a little practice. You’ll be alright.
        In the meantime you have this other SAHM to help you so you don’t have to walk this long walk every day . I am glad you found a good solution.
        By the way we’ll be in England for a few days at the end of this month and I cowardly will let Olivier do all the driving I am too afraid to forget to stay on the left side I am very distracted. Ironic

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