Work permit application was popped in the hus-creature’s internal post today. 

Kidlets were remarkably good also. #1 Son ate brilliantly. Tiny Tyrant ate breakfast and dinner and didn’t draw on the walls. 
She also played by herself with both her stacking rings and her Duplo. 

Her talking is coming on in leaps and bounds too. Today we had “more ice yeah” holding out her beaker. Which now cannot have a lid.  Which makes me cry. A lot. The carpets here are hydro phobic so…

We didn’t go see the eclipse today – I knew I’d end up with blind children! 😱

Phone interviewed two further potential babysitters for Saturday. I don’t know how to choose between them 🙀😳

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2 thoughts on “Today ”

  1. Great about the application form, but a bit premature since you have not had your op yet.
    Why can’t your baby sitters be interviewed face to face? That’s the only way to choose between them: you let the kids choose.

    1. We have to apply for it as soon as possible as processing it takes over three months. I don’t have to have a job as soon as I have the permit. But I have to have the permit to have a job.

      Yes, face to face interview is the best, but we get over 50 applicants per posted job and most of them aren’t in Boston or Cambridge so dragging them out for a one off posting seems mean

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