School issues 

I had a phone call from the superintendent’s office today. There was an issue with the paperwork. 
Apparently the person we spoke to last week was merely covering for the actual superintendent and had not explained things correctly. 

Or perhaps the confused Brits didn’t understand – after all I spent most of the meeting chasing the Tiny Tyrant around 🙄🙄🙄🙄
So we needed the notarised address form as soon as possible, as that is what gives us the 30 days to produce the utility bill/other formal proof of residency. 
Oh and we had to choose three schools. The problem is that every thing apart from Lincoln Elementary is over a mile away and I can’t drive here yet. 
(We’ve been focussing on getting the hus-creature’s sorted first as he’s the one on all the car paperwork)   
So when they called me I was more than a little British and affronted.  So, hus-creature booked an appointment with the nearest notary at 14:00 today and dropped the form in the post – yes he paid for uber speedy service at over $10 🙀🙀🙀!!!!
I also emailed all three choices, which included our reasonings for number one, and received confirmation that they have sent emails and letters to schools so, fingers crossed, we will know which school has   accepted him by Thursday. 
So that made me grumpy, so I cross-cleaned. Which was made harder by demands of “mummee bow”

And the following sentence
drink with ice in it” 
from my beloved daughter!!!
I’m both gobsmacked and proud. She used all five words. Okay so it’s garbled but it’s clear and obvious. And it’s a right pain in the proverbial too – trust her 😂🤣💜😂🤣 
Once again I have been forced to evict the fluff-beast from the cot, but she found a box and so I was forgiven. 

Oh, and we received our health insurance cards today. Therefore tomorrow I will endeavour to book my operation.  
An unexpected windfall means we can pay the insurance excess immediately, thus meaning we can get this done
I have promised that I will not ignore medical advice on other possible treatments, but if the suggestion is “let’s carry on with the very strong cancer medication” welp how about noooooooo Scott. 
Watch this space.  

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  1. Hello Fliss,
    Do you have the right to appeal if you do not get your first choice of school? If so, this is what you could say at the appeal: N is autistic and it is unreasonable to expect him to walk more than a mile to school, as meltdowns are unpredictable and can occur at any time. Therefore it is contrary to the Disability Discrimination Act (Domi, what is the American equivalent? You MUST have friends who are lawyers!) not to give him a place at the ONLY school within walking distance. Don’t hesitate to add your major surgery into the mix, corroborated with medical paperwork.

    Don’t worry too much about cancer drugs: I was given Tamoxifen by the infertility clinic when Alice was playing hard to get. Lots of drugs are used for different conditions, for instance Thalidomide is the best drug for leprosy. Given in different doses, drugs have different effects. (I hope your dad is not reading this, or he is going to say “what a load of rubbish!”

    Good luck!


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