Freedom of speech

I’ve gathered that it’s a big thing here and all. 
But this was apparently the weekend where you could be out and proud as a Nazi and it was all good. 
They were protesting on Boston Common. About 15-250 in total.  These buggers destroyed the Holocaust Memorial statue last week 😡😡😡😡
I am pleased to report that it will be repaired and re-erected. Yah boo sucks to you assholes. 
There was a police presence of 500. 
The anti protestors (not Nazis and proud of it) numbered in thousands. 
Boston I’m proud of you
We decided that it would be most politic to not go anywhere in Central Boston for an excursion this weekend. 

We had originally planned on going on a jolly to Cape Cod, but Mister Weatherman told us that there would be thunderstorms and torrential rain – so we nixed that plan. 

Looks at the sunny, if a little overcast sky and grumbles

So, we thought we might go to the zoo. Except that is in central Boston so nope. Thought about the Legoland Discovery Centre, but that was apparently in Boston. 
This morning the hus-creature double checked and it is apparently in Somerville. So once TT got up from her nap (my beloved second born has recently decided that 05:00 is an excellent time to arise for the day 😩😭 which means nap time is currently 10:30) we would head out. 
Well she slept til 13:15! 

Seriously child, sleep at night. Or at least til 06:00/07:00 – we aren’t asking much here!
So we got in the car and headed out. Of course both kids were (apparently) ravenous and TT was demanding a burk-uh (burger) so we pulled into a local burger place.  

They did margaritas:

I had one. 
#1 Son was well behaved. 


Tiny Tyrant less so. 

However we all ate good food. They gave the kids free meals because the Red Sox were playing. Our lovely server Wanda also comped my steak because I ordered it medium rare and the chef cooked it medium. 
I also had my first taste of American corn on the cob (nice but totally different taste and texture) and biscuits with honey glaze. Also tasty and I’m going to learn how to bake them. 
We then went to Legoland Discovery Center MA – I thought #1 Son would have an aneurism from joy, shock and surprise 😂🤣
We also found the Duplo Land. Cue one ecstatic Tiny Tyrant:

Seriously. Happiest. Toddler. Ever
#1 Son had a great time just playing with blocks and building vehicles to race:

TT also found all the Lego fascinating:

“Look mommy she’s my size”

Some of the constructs were amazing. 
#1 Son also had a whale of a time with the giant Lego in the soft play bit:

It’s a raft. 
All in all we had a lovely day. I wish these children would eat more, but what can you do eh?
**drink margaritas

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