The Building BBQ

Was rained off!!!
Well not quite. The apartment complex is actually a twin building we are in West. And there is a joining sun terrace where it was supposed to be, but it was pelting with thick rain, so they decided to hold it in the social lounge of the other building. 
Was actually impressive – nicely grilled burgers (with veggie options) and hot dogs and drinks. Also fruit and cookies. Though I do question the wisdom of leaving cake and cookies within the grasp of toddlers and children!!!
We stayed about an hour, but the loud DJ in a very small enclosed space meant it was overwhelming for more than just #1 Son – who, to his credit, scoffed two hot dogs and a brownie – I’m calling that a win!

There were loads of small children and one amazingly well behaved doglet who was being enthusiastically petted and fussed by all small people in the vicinity – except ours as they both have dog-fear. 

Tiny Tyrant is (unfortunately) actively teething again. It’s #17 and a molar so the poor lass is suffering again. Fortunately we did pack the pink medicine in the suitcase. 

Evening fibre work projects are progressing. I love beads and I have more on the way. I’m willing to take colourway requests for shawls now roll up roll up! 

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  1. I’m loving this blog Fliss, especially enjoying keeping up with Nathan and Ammy’s adventures in America. 😚

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