Today I actually managed to do some housework and the kids only marginally tried to kill themselves/each other whilst I was otherwise occupied. 
Turns out one sure fire way to distract TT from daddy leaving in the morning is to get her to “help” me at the key moment. Her favourites are laundry and dishwasher – yes god help me. But it does work. 

#1 Son and I have been using Twinklr resources to do school work this week and he’s doing brilliantly. Honestly I’m so proud of how well he’s been doing – we have had a few melt downs but that’s as much to do with me as him – we’re learning together.  One worksheet a day seems to be enough and it’s more about keeping his hand in until we know how different the USA education system is. 
Daddy was a bit late home today and so to make it up to me (bless him) he took the kidlets for a walk:

#1 Son has discovered the “fun” that is pushing a stroller. TT doesn’t necessarily approve, but we directly replaced the missing stroller (the cheap one is totally shocking) and as such they are both happy. 
While they were getting some fresh air, I happily sat with Friends and knitting. With beads. I love beads. Need an even smaller crochet hook though, and a local shop that sells Japanese (glass) seed beads. 

No, I’ve not turned arty – this is a secret swap shawl so colour must not show. 
Oh, and we’ve started the application for my work permit in earnest. I’m not convinced I’m a great SAHM. 

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2 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Hi Fliss
    Sounds like things are going well for you all in Boston and you have adapted to the new life style. The children look really happy and well. Your bead knitting is brilliant! I’d forgotten how talented you are. Please send us your new address when possible. Hope Jo is enjoying his new job and has settled in. Love Va
    l x

  2. Hi Fliss,

    Do you have exciting plans for this weekend? I am on my lonesome today and tomorrow ‘cos Chris is watching the athletics world championship at the Olympics stadium. This means I have access to the computer, yeah!

    When will you get your social security card, and then your op? Will you be able to choose your surgeon? Maybe your dad could give you some advice.

    I’d love to see the worksheets you are using for #1 son. Could you photograph one?

    How long will it take to get your work permit? In the meantime, if you are not happy as a SAHM, you could do voluntary work and meet people. Help the kids with their reading, or help in the school library, or run a crochet club, at #1 son’s school? Help socialising the cats and dogs at the local animal shelter?

    Have a nice weekend.


    Nanee Nanee Yeah Yeah Yeah

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