USA Healthcare

Is both the same, and different.

It would seem that appointments overrunning is still a thing – but it is because they actually talk and listen to you.  They don’t tell you what is wrong with you, they ask and discuss.  I’ve had some amazing GPs in the U.K. but I’ve also had some utterly dire ones.  15 years for a diagnosis because of years of hand wavy ‘no that’s a normal level of pain’.

So it did cost $75 because our insurance isn’t in place yet (but we have a high annual deductible anyway so…)


But they gave me my injection without arguing – it wasn’t a fun experience because the poor nurse practitioner had never seen my prescription before in her life, but we muddled through and she was amazing – and I gave her full props for handling it!  I’m good now til early November, and hopefully I’ll have had my spay by then…


Many comments on my accent, and some reminiscing about summers spent at my former employer, and a request to buy a blood pressure cuff and monitor my BP for a while from the doctor – apparently it’s high enough that he’s wondering if my jab is affecting it – could be, but meh.


The kidlets were very well behaved too.  We bought a Nintendo Switch last week, and took it with us to keep #1 Son entertained.

The Tiny Tyrant spent most of it running up and down the corridor charming other patients and chattering to a box she brought with her!

We also had our first experience of flash floods – there was weather yesterday.  So. Much. Rain.  The weird thing is that even when the heavens opened, it was still warm.  And by the time we were out of the health centre, the roads were mostly dry again after an hour.  So strange.  Storms here are very impressive though – actual lightning and crashing thunder.

Went from that at 15:00 to almost completely dry roads by 17:30.

Impressive and a little disconcerting.


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  1. $75 sounds v cheap for a Dr visit and injection. My experience of the US medical system is that it is horrendously expensive, you have choice, and the variation in the quality of the services you get is enormous. A tell tale sign is definitely whether the dr takes the time to talk to you and it looks like you have lucked out! Congratulations on getting the house, I can’t wait to see the pictures. What car are you going to buy? You need to get started asap as it takes time to order and get the paperwork. Alternatively you can rent a car while waiting but US suburban life does require one. In the US by the way most people bargain, to the point where you can purchase a car through the internet to avoid the hassle! A good place where to get quality rankings is the consumer report or JD Powers.

    1. Fliss provided the actual prescription, so it was $75 for an injection to be administered, not for it to be provided.

      On the car front, we have until August 29th to make a decision – that’s when our company-provided rental goes away. We already have £1000 down on a Tesla Model 3, but won’t be able to get our hands on that until April or so. Current front-runner plan is to buy a used Model S, and trade it in next year if we decide we’d prefer a newer, smaller car in the 3. Otherwise we need to rent something for 6 months (or take over a lease).

        1. Chris was a passenger once in a Tesla Model S. The acceleration was mind-boggling.

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