Week 2

Having survived Week 1, I feel a little more confident heading into the next one.
Well mostly. Tiny Tyrant has learned that daddy leaves every morning without her. This is, apparently, unacceptable.

So we’ve had one tantrum over that. We also didn’t approve of breakfast:


Breakfast is also it’s own level of ouch because #1 Son doesn’t want Cheerios but trying to find a new cereal he can eat and enjoy is tricky.  He’s decided he likes my Reese’s Peanut Butter puffs though so I’ve got a new packet of Froot Loops and we’ve swapped.


There have been a few developments.  We may have gotten the contract back from the house sale (as usual our conveyancers are not clear in the meaning of their emails)




And apparently from 01 September, not 01 August (which is, you know, today).  So that’s awesome, and a major weight off our our minds.   It does mean that we are in the temporary accommodation for another 4 weeks.  There might also be a knock-on effect with the sea crate, as the plane crate arrived yesterday, and the sea crate is apparently going to reach port on 08 August – which is earlier than anticipated, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


So the breakfast bar has now been converted into the Cybe CafΓ© as we felt it was unfair to evict #1 Son from his creative space on the only official desk.  That and there is not room for all of our technological rubbish on the small glass desk:


He’s in for a bit of a surprise, as access to our printer means I can actually get into the swing of a bit of practice work for school, so 100% holiday time is over now kiddles – I’m also working out what I can do with the Tiny Tyrant, as she’s getting bored too I think.


As for me, I’m knitting, crocheting and I bought some beads to play with too so watch this space for pics. 


Our weekend plans now include a BBQ up on the roof on Saturday as the building is apparently throwing their annual summer one.


I also have my first ever stateside doctor’s appointment tomorrow – the date for my hysterectomy did finally come through, but it’s August back in Oxford so I’ve had to drop off the list – can’t say I’m impressed, since it was supposed to be an 18-week waiting list, and I’ve been waiting since last December, but what can be done eh, the poor NHS is stretched to bursting.


As our insurance isn’t through yet we’ll have to pay out of pocket, so this is what they call a ‘sick visit’ but hopefully someone will stab me with my prescription needle and all will be good.  Stand by for my initial impressions of USA health care…

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One thought on “Week 2”

  1. Fantastic news about the house!!!! We can’t wait to see pictures.
    Alice told us about the skyping session. I wish I could have seen all the faces Ollie pulled for Ammy’s delectation!
    How did you get on at the doctor’s? Any problem getting your injection? Any idea when you’ll get your national insurance card? And the kids? Try not to get ill until you move to Melrose and then ask your neighbours to recommend a doctor. This applies to the cat too.
    I have to admit that my opinion of American medicine has taken a nose dive because of Marguerite’s experience with her replacement hip, which failed for the first time less than 4 years after it was implanted. I very strongly suspect that the expensive private hospital that carried out the procedure deliberately used sub-standard materials so that it would need re-doing quickly and they’ll make more money. One of Alice’s housemates at uni, James, is currently training to be an orthopaedics surgeon. I am sure he would do a much better job of redoing Marg’s replacement hip than an American private hospital. Pity he hasn’t finished his training!
    Nanee Nanee Yeah Yeah Yeah

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