New England Aquarium

To keep up the “family days out” thing we are trying to do at weekends, today we Aquarium-ed. 
Last time we visited an Aquarium, #1 Son was 2. 
We anticipated some enjoyment. What we didn’t expect was the sheer JOY experienced by the Tiny Tyrant. 
She Loved. It. 

Outside there were sea lions:

So these kept youngsters entertained whilst the adults queued ($80 entry!)
Inside were lots of penguins:

Then there were fish. So many many fish:

The central tank is truly breathtaking and Myrtle the Turtle is majestic. 
Giant puffer fish, sharks, and habitats. It all contributed to TT learning three new words:

This was, honestly the best trip out we’ve had since we arrived and potentially one of the best as a family of four. 
She constantly dragged us between exhibits  cooing and shouting “fish”, “more”, “turtle”, “shark”

We managed not to trip anyone – though I wasn’t so lucky – apparently the “no strollers” rule doesn’t apply to everyone and blocking people in with an empty one, then causing them to trip is fun. 

Can’t say I was pleased with the damn casualties. 

This is why I can’t have nice things 

I shall end with enamoured small people. 

We also came home via the gift shop and now are the proud owners of a bright pink penguin and a multi-tonal shark (2 for $30) I shall leave the audience to guess which child chose which. 

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3 thoughts on “New England Aquarium”

  1. There is only one thing to say: whoah!
    In the penultimate photo, is there a very small sun fish? Seeing a live one, preferably big, is on my bucket list, but I don’t think it is going to happen. Vancouver aquarium explained the problems of keeping one.
    TT was obviously in 7th heaven, but did Nathan enjoy it too?
    Your poor nails! I hope the idiot that caused the accident apologized. You should complain to the aquarium if they are not enforcing their own rules.
    Very well done with your co-sleeping decision. Remember that consistency is the key. If you waver, just the once, you won’t be back to zero but will go to minus twenty. I can’t wait to see you and speak to you this afternoon OUR time!

  2. BLUE MUDER!!!
    Two whole days without a post!
    I need my fix!!!
    a very distressed Nanee Nanee Yeah Yeah Yeah

  3. Sounds like a wonderful family day, just what you needed to recharge your batteries ahead of more expriences of strange Americana. One thing you might want to try once you have settled in your permanent home, acquired a car and feel adventurous enough is whale watching. We have done it near the Canadian border and it was stunning. We saw whales with their calves come near our sail boat to check us out while the calves breached. You can do it out of Boston or close to I believe but for all practical purposes this would likely be in the spring. Fall in New England is spectacular but winter is cold and snowy, better stick to the indoor aquarium!

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