Gas Leak Evacuation – We are safe 

08:25: Jo leaves to meet the DSC to go to get his SSN sorted (I can’t get mine until our wedding certificate arrives, which due to the uber efficient packing men ended up in the air crate rather than in our hand luggage). 

08:28: alarms start sounding in our building. I throw on clothes over my nightie, grab the children (naked bar nappy Tiny Tyrant, #1 Son in pjs) and bundle them down the fire escape stairs. #1 Son accepts the somewhat garbled explanation I give that we cannot use lifts in emergencies.

I left the cat. I know I had to, that I had to get the kids and myself out, but I feel so guilty about this.  

It’s a major gas leak at 100 Binney Street which is about three blocks away yet we have all had to be evacuated. 

09:49: one of three valves repaired. Gas switched off and now they are waiting for built up gas to dissipate before letting people back into buildings. 

So the children and I are sat in Jo’s office kitchen where there is air conditioning and access to food and drink while waiting. 
I have no supplies though so I’m just praying that the Tiny Tyrant doesn’t poop. 
We will be sorting out a “go bag” once this is  over. 

However I now know that in an emergency I can damn well get the kids to safety. 

This is worth knowing for certain. 

Oreos and tablets – not going to blame #1 Son for grabbing his “tap” – I grabbed phone and keys!

10:30 – we venture out to find supplies (diapers, clothes). We found a CVS over the river and obtained diapers and wipes. 

Had to venture down Charles Street to find kids clothes – $130 for two outfits 😱😱😱
Bostonian kidlets are now Bostonian though:

11:31: Over 5,000 people evacuated from 11 blocks of flats. So far three have been deemed safe to return to – ours not amongst them. 

We returned to daddy’s office and had some of their meeting pizza. 

I have to say, I hadn’t planned on my first meeting with my husband’s colleagues being with two under-dressed kids without having even brushed my hair, but they were all lovely, understanding and welcoming. 

12:35 – we are safely back in the apartment and the cat is okay. She may not speak to me for a while but she’s healthy. 

#1 Son is playing with a Lego set we got him for being so awesome. 
Tiny Tyrant is having a nap. 
I am crashed out on the sofa watching #1 Son.  
Drama filled day was drama filled. 

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  1. By the way it must be overwhelming, gas leak, SSN impossible to get, dishwasher that doesn’t work and all at the same time as getting used to a new country (two countries separated by a common language) but it does get better. And by the end of next month #1 son will be in school…

  2. Thanks Domi – yes you’re right it’s been intense – planning on doing some baking next week and can’t wait to get back to dyeing my yarn again

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