Sunday Funday

Well. It was a day
The Tiny Tyrant is teething (as previously reported) but it’s two not one. Diagonally opposing molars the poor wee bugger. So I’m trying to cut her some slack as she’s clearly miserable and as it’s one from each “pair” I think the final two aren’t far behind 😭
So she’s been uber clingy which has left #1 Son more than a little sad but he’s a trooper a total trooper. 
We had a little break from school work related stuff today (it is Sunday after all) so he’s spent a lot of time doing Lego. 
May I present all his own work:

He has skillz. 

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. #1 son’s construction is amazing. Legos are such nice toys. Have you tried popsicles for teething? The cold helps to numb the pain, at least with my kids it helped. Wholefood has popsicles with higher fruit/lower added sugar content

  2. How is poor little TT today? Did you follow Domi’s advice concerning the popsicles? Did it work?
    #1 son’s flying vehicle is amazing. Maybe he’ll become an aeronautics engineer when he grows up?
    The rain and cold continue unabated, and it is getting depressing. The lawn is growing so fast that Chris complains he has to mow it all the time. I wish southern Europe could send us 10°C of their current temperature. Both parties would benefit hugely.
    Chris is at the Olympic stadium, yet again. It is his first evening session. Let’s hope he doesn’t miss the last train home!
    I need to go to Thame tomorrow morning, so I’ll find out what needs doing about your small cheque from Pet Plan. My guess is that it will be totally straightforward. After all, I am not trying to REMOVE money from your account!
    Have a nice week.

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