4 days to go

We’ve had the final night in our own beds in our own house. 
Tonight the Family Shields is all tucked up in a hotel. 
It went about as well as feared. 
#1 Son has issues sleeping in a low down unfamiliar bed. 
The Tiny Tyrant refused to sleep in the provided travel cot so we tried her in the second kiddie bed:

First she climbed out. Then she fell out. 
I tried to “snuggle sleep” her into submission. That worked for all of 25 minutes. After being transferred to the cot she woke and screeched. So the upshot is, poor Jo-face is now trying to sleep in said kiddie bed and I’m curled up with the Tiny Tyrant who is now happily asleep while I blog under the covers. 
It is 21:30 and I am going to plug my phone in to charge and try and sleep. 

6 days left

Today was our last Sunday in the U.K. for the foreseeable. 
The countdown is real and scary now. 
It’s also exhilarating. 
Yesterday the hus-creature and I celebrated (a tad early but meh) ten years of wedded bliss. Our actual anniversary is Wednesday but that’s “van and tip run day” so it just wasn’t going to happen!
Thanks to the wonder of Red Letter Days vouchers we went to Kouzu in London and it was amazing! I luffs the husband creature. 
Today was our going away bash and it was wonderful to see so many of our family and friends in one place!
I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would like with each person but I am grateful to everyone for coming ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—
We will be eating leftovers for days though!
And we have given away many electronic gadgets and I am now learning just how much we relied on the joy and wonder that is a microwave… and hoover!

9 days left

Single figures now. 

Plans are now coming together swiftly. 
The cat knows something is up. The Tiny Tyrant knows something is up (and is demon spawn hellbeast toddler as a result)
#1 Son has been having a tough week at school, and has started being sad about “missing his house”. Breaks my heart, but this is for the best. 
He’s getting his own little graduation ceremony next Friday to make up for missing the main one, hopefully it’ll help. 
New things achieved:

  • Cleared out medicine cabinet. 
  • Cleared out cupboards. 
  • Thrown away expired items. 
  • Donated relevant non-expired items to local homelessness shelter. 
  • Completed the last crochet projects intended as gifts. 
  • Dyed up the last of my yarn for a new project. 

Slowly but surely we are getting there. 

We’ve also seen a house that would be perfect, but we aren’t allowed to indicate an interest before Monday due to strange and bizarre realtor rules. 
Cross fingers for us, as the house is gorgeous, it backs onto a wood (so there is space for the kidlets to run around) and the  closest Elementary School looks amazing

12 Days to go

Well, give or take, given today is mostly over. 
Today we have:

  • Purchased a new mattress – turns out American mattresses are bigger than British ones so our cunning plan to replace stateside would not work. 
  • Purchased new pillows and cover protectors for same – new bedding won’t matter if it’s too big because YAY bigger duvets. And the nice salesman gave us a discount because of large purchases. 
  • Arranged delivery of new mattress, and more importantly, paid for the removal of the old one! I don’t have to throw my back out (more) trying to get the bastarding thing down the stairs!
  • Picked up new glasses and sunglasses – I can SEE!
  • Organised the medicine cabinet. I have sorted my makeup (and thrown a lot away), the actual medicines, and organised the drawers so we now know what we actually have.  And man does the Tiny Tyrant have a LOT of hair bows!!!! I will be dropping a bag of toiletries to thelocal homelessness shelter tomorrow. 

So all in all, productive day was productive.  
I mean, seriously how many does she need?

Just turned off my alarms

The Tiny Tyrant usually wakes up before 07:00 anyway. 
But still, it feels weird. 
Tomorrow is the true start of SAHM-dom. and I am more than a little apprehensive. 
But, I got a great send off: 

Drank far too many Bellinis, and sobbed all over my lovely boss. Who I will miss a lot. 
In fact, I’m going to miss everyone. 
This is the start of a new chapter and I’m going to embrace it wholeheartedly, and hopefully people will stay in touch. 
I haven’t been brave enough to open my card yet….