12 Days to go

Well, give or take, given today is mostly over. 
Today we have:

  • Purchased a new mattress – turns out American mattresses are bigger than British ones so our cunning plan to replace stateside would not work. 
  • Purchased new pillows and cover protectors for same – new bedding won’t matter if it’s too big because YAY bigger duvets. And the nice salesman gave us a discount because of large purchases. 
  • Arranged delivery of new mattress, and more importantly, paid for the removal of the old one! I don’t have to throw my back out (more) trying to get the bastarding thing down the stairs!
  • Picked up new glasses and sunglasses – I can SEE!
  • Organised the medicine cabinet. I have sorted my makeup (and thrown a lot away), the actual medicines, and organised the drawers so we now know what we actually have.  And man does the Tiny Tyrant have a LOT of hair bows!!!! I will be dropping a bag of toiletries to thelocal homelessness shelter tomorrow. 

So all in all, productive day was productive.  
I mean, seriously how many does she need?

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave