4 days to go

We’ve had the final night in our own beds in our own house. 
Tonight the Family Shields is all tucked up in a hotel. 
It went about as well as feared. 
#1 Son has issues sleeping in a low down unfamiliar bed. 
The Tiny Tyrant refused to sleep in the provided travel cot so we tried her in the second kiddie bed:

First she climbed out. Then she fell out. 
I tried to “snuggle sleep” her into submission. That worked for all of 25 minutes. After being transferred to the cot she woke and screeched. So the upshot is, poor Jo-face is now trying to sleep in said kiddie bed and I’m curled up with the Tiny Tyrant who is now happily asleep while I blog under the covers. 
It is 21:30 and I am going to plug my phone in to charge and try and sleep. 

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave