Clearing out the house

Is more trouble than I could have imagined. 
We are taking most of our belongings to Massachusetts but there are some things we can’t take – the sofa for instance (we broke it 😱🤣) Also bedding etc. 
So we rented a van. Which is fine. Except it’s a manual – so I can’t drive it. Jo hasn’t driven a manual in over two years. 
And it has opinions on gears. It flashes a display at you to tell you if it thinks you’re wrong. 
Which has led to several hilarious rants from the hus-creature so far on the merits of “vehicles that expect you to peel grapes for them. If it has opinions, it should just do it itself”
(Expletives redacted for our more sensitive readers 🤣😂) 
Also, you have to register a van to take to  Ardley in advance – but you need the licence plate for the permit. Which takes 2-3 working days to process. 
Now, I’ll say something in defence of our local council – when we phoned up to explain why we needed to go today they sorted it out over the phone, no fuss no muss (and not a single cuss 😝) but it made me understand just why fly tipping can happen. 

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave