The men are in the house

Boxing up our lives.  
They are fast, they are efficient and they are brutal. 

I can’t take any medication with me in the crates so all my prescriptions (and wow do I have a lot) have to be squeezed into the suitcases. 
By the time we left the house they were starting on the big items and some rooms were already cleared.  As much as this has not been good for my stress levels, I am genuinely impressed with these blokes. 
Hand luggage is also done:

One packed car ready for Saturday. 
The suitcases themselves are crazy and we will need to buy new clothes, but in the words of Elsa I have chosen to let it go.
We’ve also attempted to pre-book some viewings for potential 12-month rental properties.  
The kids have their last days at Reception and nursery respectively tomorrow….
It’s all suddenly very, very real.  

Author: Fliss

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