Last night in England

The house is packed up. The men were done by 2pm. 
The keys have been handed to the estate agents (with significant complaints about their recommended conveyancers – watch this space for updates on that little problem). 
We are bidding farewell to Banbury. 
It’s so strange to finally say that. This time tomorrow, all being well, we will be in Massachusetts (which I really have to learn how to spell!)
We’ve had a lovely last supper with Jo’s parents. The kids had a wonderful time, and we will be seeing them for Thanksgiving. 
My parents are seeing us off at the airport tomorrow (mad people they are, but I’m grateful). 
The kidlets are tucked up in bed:

And yes the Tiny Tyrant is sprawled across ours, she will be moved to her cot. 

We have to be up at 04:30 for the plane so I bid you all goodnight. 

Author: Fliss

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  1. Wishing you the best of luck in Massachusetts and a smooth journey and moving into your new home!

    Best regards,

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