The great adventure began

Getting to the airport was fine, not a hitch. 
Had a wonderful send off breakfast with my family – which was lovely and I look forward to putting my send off picture on the wall in our new home. 

Jo got randomly selected for an extra TSA check (apparently that gets printed on boarding passes these days) so I had to wrangle two over-excited children plus baggage onto the flight – which was… fun
The flight was relatively uneventful.  #1 Son basically binged on movies/tv/games. 
It was however delayed by 40 minutes due to Canada having problems with air traffic control. 
My tv unit was busted until about halfway through so I didn’t get to watch Logan – pretty gutted actually. 
The Tiny Tyrant was surprisingly undemonic. She slept through take off and had an additional nap about halfway through. 

Neither child ate much but that’s to be expected. 

Then we landed at Boston Logan International Airport. 

Which was nice. Until we got stuck in Immigration Control for over three hours because their computers were down. 

Except that we only heard this by eavesdropping -there was no official announcement of any kind.  They did hand out water eventually. 
So then we went to pick up bags. Which were all there. So we’re the car seats. However, no stroller. Somehow it may not have made it onto the flight. 

While we were at Heathrow we had pre checked it in. The Delta employees then also checked it in and in barcode confusion it may not have followed us. 
So the poor Tiny Tyrant is  having to walk everywhere at the moment. 
Then we went to pick up the rental car… where the computers were also down. So we were there for a further hour plus. 
By the time we picked the damn car up (nice red Mazda for the interested) it was half four. We had landed at 12:30
Thing was, our poor cat had been sent over on the flight immediately after ours. Which meant, factoring in the Canada delays (though they also affected her flight so that wasn’t as bad) but with the additional delays, the poor bugger was stuck at the condo waiting for us. 

But we picked her up, some of Jo’s work mates brought emergency supplies, we paid a handsome tip and she was in her new home. 

She seems to be settling in well though now. 

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave