The first day

We were all pretty darned jet lagged after the journey and as we had arrived so late and in all the worry over the cat, we hadn’t gotten food in. 
So we decided to go to a local diner for breakfast. 
As we’d all been up since 05:30 but nothing opened before 08:00, I was pretty ravenous. 

Ordered the kids a chocolate chip pancake each, Jo ordered huevos rancheros, but I couldn’t decide. 

So I thought “oh, I’ll have an omelette (cheddar, ham, mushroom) and a chocolate chip pancake. 
Guess who forgot what country she was in?!??

Yes, that was my breakfast. No, I didn’t finish it. Yes, I am a moron. 
Was bloody tasty though!
Then we decided to try and buy a few essentials that we hadn’t been able to bring with us. 

Also a baby monitor and Jo’s Nespresso machine, the cost of which means that in a month or so I will be able to get my longed-for Kitchen Aid mixer and thus get my bake on!
If anyone wishes to buy me presents this Christmas I have my eye on SEVERAL Craftsy classes in the baking spectrum now!!! 

Particularly those where custard is involved 🤣😂
We then went to a local supermarket  (Market Basket, not WholePaycheck) and tried to stock up on groceries. 
Guess whose card was declined, despite him telling his bank that he was emigrating? Such fun times. 
Got that little issue fixed, but invested in Amazon Prime because it’s just stupid not to. 
(The new cat tree should be here by Friday-ish 😂👍🏻) 
Got the kids into bed (#1 Son had a bowl of Frosties with marshmallows as the pizza three-cheese was too strong for him)
Jo then spent over an hour on the phone to Comcast to try and sort out our wifi issues, which ended with “meh, we dunno mate, buy a new modem”
Except we can’t because it’s a managed condo and the company have to deal with it so god alone knows when that might be fixed. 
Oh and I got the cat stoned on catnip. I was worried she wasn’t eating, and as she had been starved for 24 hours before the flight that was concerning. So I plonked nip on the wet food. 
I think I might have put too much on, as she was very vocal and jumping all over the furniture – which included the bathroom sink!!!!

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave