Lessons learned

I cannot leave a packet of cookies on the breakfast bar. 
#1 Son claims Tiny Tyrant reached them. I doubt that somehow, but as I didn’t see I cannot confirm.  Housework is clearly a bad thing 😂🤣
She’s sleeping soundly at nap time at least. 
Seems to be an issue with the dishwasher, but it might just be cheap tablets:

Top propeller doesn’t appear to be spinning though, so we have reported it. 
Debit cards arrived today. And the house application is progressing. Looks like we can’t sign before 01 September, and school for #1 Son apparently starts 30th August in the local districts but the DSC doesn’t think it’ll be a problem. 

There was also father-son bonding in creating the new cat tree. #1 Son now appears to like the cat. 

Which, given I found the bugger had peed on our duvet (one assumes when it was drying after the baby puking incident last week) is a good thing as she’s not currently my favourite animal-creature right now…

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2 thoughts on “Lessons learned”

  1. Maybe the cat stole the cookies and Tiny Tyrant peed on the duvet? I think #1 Son and the hus creature are innocent of both crimes. How was his second day at work? How does working in an office compare with working from home?

  2. I’ve had similar problems with our dishwasher tablets when the propeller wasn’t spinning (in our case because we had stacked up dishes too high). My impression is that in general US dishwashers are nowhere as efficient as European ones, unless we rinse our dishes thoroughly before putting them in they don’t come out clean while your aunties are able to stack any dirty dishes and have them come out sparkling clean. Since we have a Miele I suspect US regulations limit the aggressiveness of US dishwashers.

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