No dishwasher. 

09:00: I have no dishwasher. With two kids this is Not. Good. 
Especially as, apparently, draining boards aren’t a “thing” here. 
Well there’s none here, and there was none in any of the properties we looked at last week.
So, this is what life without a dishwasher looks like:

Thank the gods for a breakfast bar!
I’ve also discovered what happens when you don’t notice that a teaspoon has made its way down the drain/garbage disposal. 
Hint: it’s loud and the spoon ends up very scarred. 

However it does explain the state of some other items of cutlery, so I clearly wasn’t the first!
The man came about 15:00 and fixed it though!  I was extremely grateful and tipped him – which apparently I shouldn’t  have done – but being confused, British and grateful apparently absolves a lot of sins!
The Tiny Tyrant was randomly screaming solidly from 00:00 to 03:00 because she just did not want to be in her cot. But I am putting my foot down – we’ve been here over a week so no, unless ill, no more co-sleeping. Except we are now all exhausted. 
I’m praying for no repeat performance tonight. Having said that, Wednesday night appears to be “brass band on the street between two of the restaurants underneath us” night. Two weeks in a row is pattern. 
TT has also learned how to open doors with pull handles. 
Bah. I need gin. Or whiskey. Porque no los dos?

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5 thoughts on “No dishwasher. ”

  1. Oh dear! Things were more fun during your week’s holiday. Thanks goodness tomorrow is Friday!
    As far as co-sleeping is concerned, you MUST stick to your guns. Otherwise TT will learn that she now needs to scream for 3 hours, rather than just a few minutes, to get her way. If she learns instead that screaming is pointless, eventually she will stop the behaviour.

    1. I’d second that. We let Marina cosleep and as a result we had to stay in her room until she fell asleep until she turned 13. She had a v sharp ear and whenever we tried to leave before she was fast asleep she would hear us. So the choice is pain now or more pain layer. How about napping at the same time as TT? And the G&T sounds great

  2. My goodness! What a day! If Jo’s office is just across the road, how come it was not evacuated?
    What do DSC, SSN and VCS stand for?
    The outfits for the kids were hideously expensive, but they are AWESOME! I am sure Zoe will be delighted to inherit TT’s gorgeous threads when TT has outgrown them.
    I was horrified to read Domi’s comment about co-sleeping. Make sure Jo reads it too. I had no idea that Marina had such a problem sleeping. Please please please be ultra firm with TT, or you might end up in the same situation.
    Any developments concerning both your houses since yesterday?

    1. We’re waiting to hear back on the proposed date change and Jo emailed the conveyancers too.

      DSC – Destination Services Consultant
      SSN – Social Security Number
      CVS – local pharmacy chain

      Make sure you remind me in November and we can pop things in your suitcases for Zoe

      Co-sleeping is verboten now.

      Jo’s office was fortunately outside of the exclusion zone.

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