Once more unto the breach

08:45 – daddy leaves for work. 

I cannot find the crayon remains!!!

This does not bode well. 

Every time I try to pick her up to put her in the cot, her eyes fly instantly open and she screeches. 

Children claim to be hungry. 

#1 Son ate better than the Tiny Tyrant 😱😱😱!
14:00 – the Tiny Tyrant passes out on me again. 
15:00 – she wakes and is inconsolable. 

I cave and give her a banana but now she wants a second. 
17:30: I manage to feed both children:

17:45(ish): Daddy gets home and hands me a glass of wine. 
First day as SAHM achieved. 

The children are alive. I am still sane, and I even managed some halfway decent domestic goddess-ing. 
All in all, I’m quite chuffed really.  
(Although I still haven’t found the black crayon from earlier)

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

5 thoughts on “Once more unto the breach”

  1. You’ll find the remains of the black crayon in her nappy in a day or two!

    1. I suspect you might be right. There was a blue nappy incident on the plane now I think about it….

  2. Looks like mom can survive the kids and dad knows how to support mom. An auspicious start!

    1. He knows how to look after me – I’ve always worked so this is a new step for me!

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