Where the heck

🎵🎶Is Carmen Sandiago. Carmen SanDiago. Where on earth can she be?🎶🎵

Now I cannot answer this eternal 90s conundrum dearest audience, but I can tell you where the bleeding hell I’ve been for the last month.

Well we made a very short (and fraught) journey back to the U.K. for the absolute best wedding ever.

And I was so focused on that, and travelling with two small children, flying over eight hours, jet lag, more jet lag and did I mention the jet lag? That everything else just flew by the wayside. Honestly it’s true, I have so many blog posts in training here that I can’t even sort out what’s going on there.

But you know, now we are back the wedding was amazing, life is settling back to normal and is normal service I hope will shortly resume.

Author: Fliss

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