Summer Days Out

So over the summer we had so many plans to have outings with the kids.

But the weather laughed at us! We’ve had glorious weeks and the weekends have been utterly shocking!

Very British in fact 🤣😂

So we decided to say sod it and the hus-creature took the day off work on Thursday (almost two weeks ago now, yes I know I know!) and we went up to the beach.

Which is a specific beach about 30 more minutes away that is spelt almost the same as #1 Son’s given name.

Oh it was amazing. We played, we built sandcastles, we splashed, we swam. TT proved to be a complete and total water baby. Yes, she was more than a little apprehensive on the first couple of tries but then she was racing into the waves shouting “more ocean” and I have never seen her grin more.

Actually it backfired on us spectacularly though! First when it came time to go get lunch. Cue a massive meltdown and I had to bodily drag her to the restaurant – as a result we were all leaking sand and sea water on the way there sigh.

The second time was when it came time to go home. She did not want to leave. At all.

Anyway, pictures:

TT playing on the beach. Please bear in mind the last time she was on the beach she was only just crawling 💗 also note #1 Son’s new “rock collection” (yes I still have it – it’s out on the balcony!)

Daddy-offspring bonding:

Gittish seagulls were everywhere – honest to god they had no fear. None. Attacking belongings and tourists alike. Gits.

#1 Son made a friend – one with similar issues to himself. He was a little older and showed him how to build tide pools and how to catch small Crustacea for it 💗💗💗

Sadly there were no photos with me, the mother, because I didn’t take my phone into the ocean and the hus-creature doesn’t think to take them. Ever.

But it was an amazing day out. The kids had a blast and we will go back.

Then this last Saturday we went to a theme park just across the state line in New Hampshire.

I didn’t take many photos this time because we were focussed on having fun, but we took these:

TT went on her first rides. The Ferris wheel – which she liked a lot:


And then she went on her first proper roller coaster. She loved it. There was much crying of “more ride more ride” but her brother was not impressed.

So we took them across to the newly-built water park bit – it was so newly built that only about a third of it was actually operational. Again, TT adored the water slides and was devastated she couldn’t go on the bigger ones.

#1 Son? Nope. He still can’t deal with water being splashed in his face. But they both had a blast. Prying TT away from the water was as bad as at the beach. Needed to bribe her with the promise of an ice cream 🤭😬🙄

It worked though!

But honestly? Comparing the free (mostly) trip to the beach, and the over $100 tickets for the park? Not worth it. They are both still too young and short.

There are a few other options, including an indoor, climate controlled, water park so we will look into that.

Daddy and I both needed a stiff drink or two by the end of those days!

And, oddly enough? I didn’t need to go for a walk either day!

Author: Fliss

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4 thoughts on “Summer Days Out”

  1. What lovely days out Fliss! I can’t get M out of the water either now, his diving is hilarious and he’s coming on with his swimming. I would definitely recommend swimming lessons. Makes you more confident about the kids being in water because they are less likely to drown 😂 and maybe bit by bit #1 may start enjoying his face being in water because M hated that too. Although obviously it will take more time for #1. Can’t wait for swimming when we finally get over to see you. I love you, see you in a few weeks x

    1. See you in a fortnight honey! And we need to plan your trip over here (we won’t be allowed to leave the country again once we get back til the next stage of visa stuff is done)

      Yeah he’s not had swimming lessons in over two years!

  2. Yeah, it is working again, so I can comment! What a lovely bunch of photos! But the colour of the sky is positively alarming in some of them.

    It is wonderful that TT had such a great time. And it was not exactly a day of misery for #1 son either. He did have fun with his little friend. Maybe you should ask Domi to invite you for a holiday in LA after she has settled, as they are renting a house near the beach.

    I agree 1000% that it is better to go to the almost free beach than to expensive parks! Except in the winter, of course.

    I am looking forward to seeing you so very much! In the meantime, can we skype at the weekend?


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