Poorly Panda

And mommy senses level up.

I had to look on the bright side.

It is 20:14. At roughly 17:45 I noticed TT running a slight temperature – nothing that was picked up on thermometer, as like her brother, she “runs hot” but I was concerned.

I spooned a dose of Calpol into her. And she rather pathetically demanded “snuggle”.

Which means something specific – she wants to snuggle in our bed with me. Tablet optional.

So feeling like I ought to keep an eye on her we go to do this.

Less that 5 minutes later: copious vomiting. Allllllllll over my bed and her brand new tablet.

And daddy was still on his way home from work 😰

So I had to juggle an hysterical, vomit covered toddler, try and strip my bed, run said toddler a bath, and keep her curious big brother out of the fray single handed!

  1. Deposit toddler in bathroom.
  2. Race back and pull as much as I can off the bed.
  3. Deposit tablet in en suite sink and clean it off as best I could.
  4. Return to toddler and strip her.
  5. Deposit her in the empty bath.
  6. Run her a bath.
  7. Phone daddy and tell him that he needs to get home ASAP.
  8. Realise toddler is distraught at the evidence of vomit in the bath.
  9. Empty bath.
  10. Rerun bath.
  11. Realise she will not sit down and she’s starting to shiver.
  12. Get in bath.
  13. Wash her hair whilst standing in bath with her.
  14. Realise I cannot now get a towel.
  15. Realise she will only calm down enough to be washed if I sit with her.
  16. Sit in rapidly cooling bath.
  17. Run more hot water into bath.
  18. Sit.
  19. Sit more.

Daddy then returned and started on the practicalities whilst I kept TT occupied. She appeared to be returned to normal.

However she regressed to whimpery and sad within ten minutes. And I had to teach her the concept of a sick bowl 😰

And the worst part? The pathetic sobbing of “no thanks” before she puked again. Totally broke my heart 😰
She then just fell asleep on me, without a dummy or bottle, clutching the sick bowl.

Kept her there til I was sure she was asleep (and #1 Son was also in bed) then transferred her to bed. With a dummy. And a cup of water (no milk).

Am now contemplating an early night as I foresee a long one 😞

Author: Fliss

Wife, mum (of two), yarn-obsessed cat-slave

4 thoughts on “Poorly Panda”

  1. Poor little mite! Any idea what caused it? Are you too in the middle of a heatwave?

    How is she now?

    1. She was up all night. Jo is calling in sick. We aren’t any more warm weather-wise than it has been all month – we are having storms too so it’s not as blazing as it could be. It’s not set to get higher than 27C today. Plus we have the air conditioning.

      It’s a bug of some kind I think.

  2. Oh bless her. Repeating what your MiL has said….
    Give her gentle cuddles from all of us xxxxxxx

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