A year

We have been here, in America, for a year.


My babies have grown and changed so much.

I think I have too. I never imagined being a full time stay at home parent.

It’s hard. It’s exhausting. But it’s also amazing.

I get to see my babies grow and change. I see every new skill they develop, and particularly in the case of TT, I know it’s mostly down to me.

Don’t get me wrong, nursery is, and was, great for both of them, but I know I’m teaching her things directly.

There’s still guilt – I’m only human, and there are times when I’m grumpy, or tired, or just missing the company of other adults. Even earning my own money. But that last one lessens slightly. As I keep the house ticking over.

I’m still bad at housework. I still don’t always see what needs doing at a useful point. But that is improving too.

It’s learning what needs doing vs what can wait. And what I can insist the kids do.

As it’s also my job to teach them how to become adults. Fully capable adults who will know this stuff.

Yes, they are 6 and 2. But they already know how to empty the dishwasher (within reason) and where dirty clothes go.

They are capable of putting toys away. Even if TT at least gets them out again immediately 😂🤣😭

It’s been a hell of a year, but it’s been a good one.

Here’s to the next one.

Author: Fliss

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2 thoughts on “A year”

  1. Alice’s journalist friend asked me if you felt that moving to the US was the correct thing to do. I said yes, and explained the problems caused by the 5 hours’ time difference for Jo to do his job, the problems of having to work from an overcrowded apartment, the very severe sleep deprivation for all because the kids had to share a bedroom, and I mentioned the far superior provision for special needs kids where you now live.

    I am jolly glad you never bought a Tesla in the end. Elon Musk accusing the hero of the Thai cave rescue of paedophilia without a single atom of evidence is beyond the pale. Just the sort of thing Trump would do. Big Tesla investors are threatening to pull out unless Musk makes a public apology, ha ha ha! And I hope the hero sues him. If there is a fund to help with the legal costs I shall contribute.

    How is Nathan doing at his camps now? Are the kids still having huge fun with the paddling pools?


    1. Other factors were and are at play but yes, it feels like it’s been the best thing for us in the main.

      Oh yes, once he did THAT we would have done all we could to get out of it. There was just nothing redeemable there then.

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