What is it about this country

And weird and bizarre food?

I mean it can’t just be Massachusetts right?

The hus-creature did the weekly shop, and one of the items on the list was “baguette fixings” as this is one of the few ways of getting both children to decently fill up for at least one meal.

I think it’s the independence and choice aspect personally.

And whilst trying to hunt for spreadables he sent me these contenders:

Let’s break this down shall we?

  1. Old world chopped chicken liver with onions and eggs – on what planet does this sound like a good idea?!?! Okay I’m the first to admit I like pâté but this? No, this is an abomination.
  2. Vanilla, walnut and raisin cream cheese – okay on the surface it is almost acceptable. Take away the vanilla and maybe we will talk. But all together? No. Just… no.
  3. Crumbled goats cheese with apricot and thyme – you know what? I would have been willing to at least try that. But apparently according to the hus-creature this would make me a perverted deviant (😂🤣) so he did not buy this.
  4. Snickerdoodle hummus – look I’m all in favour of new experiences, but dessert hummus?! God no! And for those of the audience unfamiliar with American flavours, snickerdoodle is cinnamon not nuts.
  5. Brownie batter hummus – this would actually be a secret shame. I’m pretty certain that, had the hus-creature bought this, I would have tried it. And I would probably have loved it. Fortunately this has not come to pass, and so I can retain my dignity.

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One thought on “What is it about this country”

  1. I think it is to do with food processing profits: the more a food item is processed, the more various people make a profit from it. So they start with sound, natural ingredients, and mix lots of crap into it. It is time you paid a visit to Trader Joe’s and Wholefood to see what’s available. You don’t have to do ALL you shopping there, but you might find a few useful items. Also you could find out from Google what sports stars eat: nobody wold be a successful sportsperson on a typical American diet.

    Yesterday Alice completed her half-Marathon in blistering heat. She really struggled and she was very slightly slower than last year. Let’s hope for cool weather next year!

    Did you know that Chris’s mother will be 100 in November?


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