Momma has departed

I had 9 weeks with my wonderful momma.

But the best things in life must come to an end and she had to return to the homeland.

There was much packing and re-packing:

I’m sad, but have been promised that she and dad will return in the summer for at least a fortnight, maybe even three weeks.

We will have barbecues and the kiddies will play outside…

Well, if we get the fence we were promised before we moved in

And we will do the tourist thing and it will be lots of fun.

Well, it’s only three months away.

Well, that and Momma accidentally pinched my fleece – so she has to come back to return it πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

For now, I will snuggle with the hus-creature on the sofa, and continue watching Wonder Woman.

Hus-creature’s birthday

And other shenanigans.

So, March 31 is the birth date of my wonderful, gorgeous man-thing whom I affectionately refer to on here as the hus-creature.

He received lots of lovely presents.

But perhaps most importantly were the spontaneous “cards” the children made for him:

#1 Son also wanted to create “birthday decorations” for the house for his daddy:

He has recently discovered Ghostbusters. Can you tell?


He also received another present from his sister and brother in law but I didn’t manage to add it to the pile before the children “helped daddy open his presents”

(I had a vision of my next birthday heh)

Mom, very sensibly, kept hers separate to give to him once the initial madness subsided.

He didn’t get a particularly relaxing day, as #1 Son had a party to get to.

As I forgot to write about the party a fortnight ago, please enjoy this montage of photos taken by the hus-creature

And there were slides too!!!

Then it was Daddy’s turn…

I think we are going to need to think about one of these places for his party end of May.

But after this, we went on a date night, courtesy of my momma.

Dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant that also specialised in tequila.

We started with cocktails to warm us up:

The moved on to a “Flight” of shots to share.

$24 got us a light, medium and dark shot of tequila to try. And they were gorgeous.

I now understand why tequila makes people happy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We had some delicious foods:

There was dessert too, but we were in a rush to get to the cinema, and I forgot to photo it!

We went to see “A Wrinkle in Time”

It was very good.

It was improved exponentially by the addition of a Caribbean Cooler (hus-creature), and a frozen Strawberry Margarita (me)!

It wasn’t epic cinema, and it did feel a little rushed in a few places, but it’s worth a watch.

Easter Sunday today, but we’ve been so busy we forgot to do the egg thing. Easter Monday it is then!